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DDS Nguyen Van Hoa

Director of Shinbi Dental Clinic DDS Van Hoa, Nguyen Graduated from Hanoi Medical University specialized in Odonto Stomalogy Overseas trained and schooled
Full Range of Services With a full complement specialist doctors, you have access to expertise in all areas of dentistry
Premium Dentistry All of our equipment are directly imported from trustable dental corporation across the nations since Shinbi Dental is fully understand the importance of facilities and how they could affect the treatment’s outcomes
Feel at Home With Us We've created a relaxing atmosphere with all the comforts of home. We serve complimentary tea and coffee in our waiting lounge so you can feel at ease before your appointment


Pocerlain Crown and Bridges A crown is a cap that covers over and protects the whole tooth, restoring the tooth to the original shape, while sealing the tooth and protecting it from further damage
Implant A dental implant is a small titanium screw which is surgically placed into the jaw bone. It replaces the root of the missing tooth and serves as a support for your new tooth (crown) or teeth (a row of crowns also known collectively as a bridge). Dental implants can also be used as attachment or support for full dentures in cases where all teeth are missing
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Oral surgery is a field of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and management of the diseases, injuries, and defects of the human mouth, jaw and associated facial structures. Our services include surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth surgeries, dental implants, bone grafting as well as adjunct surgery to orthodontics
Braces Orthodontic preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaws by the use of braces. The practice of orthodontics requires professional skill in design, application and control of a host of corrective appliances (braces) to bring the teeth, lips and jaw into proper alignment and relationship. If your teeth are irregular, do not bite right and you feel conscious about it, an orthodontist can help. Such problems are called malocclusion


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