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[Answers] Do wisdom teeth deviate from the cheek need to be removed?


Hello doctor, my wisdom tooth is half growing and I feel it is inclined to tilt my cheek. I do not know if the condition of wisdom teeth that deviate from the cheeks can happen and how do I get out of this situation? Looking forward to consulting your doctor to help you. Thank you! (Hoang Minh – Hai Phong).


Welcome Hoang Minh!

Thank you for submitting your trust in Shinbi Dental. Regarding the question “Is there any case of wisdom teeth deviating to the cheeks and how to fix them?” We would like to answer you as follows:

1 / Can wisdom teeth deviate to cheeks occur?
Wisdom teeth grow very late on the jaw mold, when the remaining teeth have “settled” in their positions. The jaw mold will have very little space to allow wisdom teeth to grow. Because of this, wisdom teeth rarely stand straight but often deviate from the normal direction of growth.

To know if wisdom teeth are out of shape, you can refer to some abnormal growth of wisdom teeth as follows:
Teething teeth are inclined toward tooth number 7, the body bites into tooth number 7 and injures this important tooth
Teething is tilted toward the opposite of tooth # 7, the base of which bumps into the tooth No. 7 and causes the tooth 7 to weaken, which can lead to complete tooth loss.
Teeth that grow inwardly from the inside can cause damage to the edge of the tongue when chewing or accidentally touching Teeth grow outwardly, this tooth will cause soft tissue inside the cheek to rub and ulcer if left for long
Wisdom teeth growing underground inside the gums, not protruding out will also cause serious soreness every wisdom tooth eruption

From the above abnormal growth, it can be confirmed that your wisdom teeth are growing out of the cheeks, this is one of
the abnormal growth directions and can lead to unpredictable complications.


2 / Does wisdom teeth deviate from the cheek need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth are very dangerous, which can lead to root cysts, inflammation of the roots or gums, leading to complete tooth loss. At the same time, when chewing, this tooth will rub against the inner cheek and cause scratches, bleeding in the soft tissue, making chewing more difficult.

Wisdom tooth removal is a must and should be done quickly to prevent these complications. Extraction of wisdom teeth will absolutely not be dangerous if done in the right process so you can be assured.

Shinbi Dental’s wisdom tooth extraction is performed by modern tooth extraction technology using Pieztome ultrasonic wave after the extraction is not swollen, painless and no bleeding is the most modern technology available only at Shinbi Dental.

If you need to discuss directly with your dentist about your plan to treat your cheeky wisdom teeth, please contact Shinbi Institute of Dental Technology at Hotline 1900 0215 for a more detailed consultation. about the service.


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