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Paste porcelain veneer how long does it last?

What is veneer paste porcelain? Surely you are not new to this prosthesis method, but the question of how long veneer is stuck is still a question that people are still wondering about the quality of this method. how long.

What is porcelain veneer paste?

Gluing porcelain veneer is a new method of restoring teeth by replacing enamel on the outside by gluing a thin layer of porcelain made of pure porcelain material.

Veneer is a solution for people who have surface defects such as yellowing, chipping, yellowing, etc.

Porcelain veneers, after being mounted on real teeth, will have the most natural white color as natural teeth.
The durability of this ceramic paste is guaranteed to be a great force, so it can adapt to many different foods without worrying about breaking or falling out.

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Paste porcelain veneer how long does it last?

Glued porcelain veneer will have a lifespan of 10-15 years, both in aesthetics and durability by the following factors:

Veneer porcelain veneers are made of pure Zirconia porcelain, baked at high temperature and good durability, ensuring chewing function and lasting. The material used for gluing porcelain tiles has a higher level of adhesion and makes it easier for the face to adhere to the teeth for lasting maintenance.

When you make Veneer porcelain paste method, the patient will not need much tooth color and usually will only grinding from 0.3-0.6mm on the tooth surface and so that the durability of the teeth is guaranteed.

In addition to the above factors, the longevity of the porcelain face will depend on the techniques of doctors and Veneer  gluing technology.

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Is it possible to extend the veneer of porcelain veneers?

Apart from the prestigious dental selection to make Vener porcelain paste, the regimen after restoration will also be
a very important factor that decides the quality and durability of porcelain veneers.

Should take care and oral hygiene at least 2 times / day with a soft bristle brush. Can combine with mouthwash to remove plaque in the teeth that brushes and floss difficult to work.
Minimize the eating of foods that are too hard or too chewy, requiring a lot of tooth force.
Periodic dental visits every 3-6 months, especially when abnormal signs in the oral cavity are detected, should be examined by a dentist immediately.


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