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Braces – Useful information you should know

Braces are always a question many people are interested in, because this method helps patients improve dental conditions as well as regain more confidence in life.

Where does the tooth come from?

Teeth (or occlusal bite) is a condition in which the jaw bone structure is distorted. This condition greatly affects the lives of patients. The most obvious interpretation is: The lower jaw is held forward, the patient closes the lower jaw completely covering the upper jaw.

The cause of this condition is hereditary or may be congenital. In addition, due to poor living habits as a child such as: Biting nails, sucking nails, sucking bottles ….

Can overcome the condition of the tooth when it first appears, especially at a young age, the treatment effect will be better. However, the awareness of oral health at this time is too vague. Do not even care and treat, only when there are severe signs to seek medical attention. The condition was severe and treatment was more difficult. According to the sharing of orthodontic specialists is divided into 3 main sections:

Tooth decay caused by teeth
The ridge is due to the jaw bone structure
The ridge is caused by both teeth and jaw bone structure
Each situation has different solutions, but whether those solutions are completely solved or not are very much interested by many people. Because there are many cases due to not choosing a reputable dental address.

What are the complications of tooth decay?

The condition of the tooth is not only affecting the aesthetics but it also directly affects the chewing process of the patient. If this condition is not treated you will face complications such as:

Affect face aesthetics
Teething teeth lose harmony, balance on the face causing unsightly aesthetics

Impaired chewing ability
Reversed occlusal is an unbalanced condition, meaning that the ability to chew food is reduced.

Affect pronunciation
Teething teeth also directly affect the pronunciation. Because of this, patients have a lot of difficulties when communicating, each time they cannot speak clearly.

Dental pathologies
In addition, the occlusal bite causes the jaw joints to overreact, causing joint muscles in this position to work continuously for high frequency for a long time, which will lead to the risk of arthritis. So the treatment of tooth and mouth is not only a cosmetic solution for patients but also helps patients prevent some dental diseases.

How are tooth decay treated?
In order to identify the cause of tooth decay, doctors need to conduct a physical exam and a CT scan of 3D to determine exactly what the cause is. Basically there are two solutions for tooth decay that is braces and jaw surgery.

Treatment of tooth by surgical method

In the case of a pinch, the structure of the lower jaw is exposed to the teeth or may be indented. This requires surgical intervention to fully treat the condition of the mouth.

Treatment of tooth with braces method
In case of tooth only, dental implants need to be performed braces method to help bring the teeth back to the correct position on the arch. This course of treatment can last anywhere from 24-36 months in adults (depending on oral conditions), for children only about 6 months can be effective. Currently, with the development of medicine, there are many methods of braces that can be effectively used to treat dental implants such as:

Braces braces

Braces braces are operated by braces using gas made from many different materials. When applied traction, tightening the bow system will make the teeth move and are fixed by the braces. After the treatment process ends. Your doctor will continue to wear the jaw to ensure that the teeth are stable and without any complications after braces, the most likely is that the teeth are in the original position.

Invisalign braces without braces

Invisalign orthodontic braces are the best modern method. Because of its high efficiency and aesthetics, patients can remove the cap at any time.

How much does it cost to make braces?
The cost of performing an orthodontic shift for a dental implant depends on many factors such as: the state of oral health, the method you choose. The following is the price list to help you consult of Shinbi Dental to help you make the most appropriate and most appropriate choice:

Dental braces at Shinbi Dental

Shinbi Dental is one of the leading kind dentists in Vietnam, with quality pre-and post-patient care. In addition with a team of excellent medical doctors with over 12 years of experience in orthodontic treatment. And received professional training in the leading countries of orthodontics in the world.

Every year ShinBi Dental performs thousands of orthodontic treatments. Moreover, when coming to Shinbi, you will experience with the most modern facilities, maximum support to the treatment, to help patients be comfortable psychologically during treatment.

Review successful dental implant customers at Shinbi Dental

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