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Cercon porcelain teeth good or not?

Cercon porcelain teeth good or not?

Cercon porcelain teeth are widely used in dental facilities, which is intended to replace missing teeth. Here is some useful information about this tooth

What is Cercon porcelain tooth?

This is a non-metallic porcelain teeth with Zirconia ribs and Cercon porcelain coating is designed based on CAD / CAM technology. One of the most modern technologies in the world specializing in aerospace and aerospace industry.

When this technology has been applied to dentistry, it has made perfect teeth from size to shape. In particular, these teeth have extremely good strength, optical as well as colorless.

Which case should apply Cercon porcelain veneers

Cercon porcelain teeth solve the defects of teeth which is one of the extremely optimal options for customers:

  • The mother had a tooth broken, broken
  • Teeth yellow, dull
  • People with cavities, uneven teeth
  • Sparse teeth, buckled, crooked ….

Cercon porcelain teeth have several types

In addition to other porcelain teeth, cercon porcelain teeth is also one of the top choices of customers because of the aesthetics it offers. Currently, there are 2 main types of Cercon teeth: Cercon Zirconia and Cercon HT.

Cercon Zirconia porcelain teeth

The composition of this tooth is Zirconium Oxide, one of the precious minerals. With its high rigidity and very biological properties, it is these characteristics that completely eliminate the disadvantages that metal porcelain teeth have. Moreover, this tooth does not cause irritation and affect the soft tissue in the oral cavity. Helping to make teeth white and strong like a real tooth

Cercon HT porcelain teeth

The difference between Cercon HT teeth is that the thickness of the teeth is only about 0.3 to 0.5mm, which helps limit the grinding of teeth. The highlight is in the durable set, very good bearing capacity 10 times compared to real teeth. Moreover, this tooth has a porcelain enamel like 1-1 with real teeth, bringing aesthetics to the entire jaw. Bring natural feeling to the user

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Cercon porcelain teeth good or not?

Manufactured from the most advanced technology in the world so this tooth also has outstanding points that no tooth has

High aesthetics

Manufactured using the latest technology and machinery, CAD / CAM, so the accuracy of this tooth with the real tooth is very high. Not only that, with extremely natural colors, it is difficult to distinguish from real teeth. Raw materials from monolithic porcelain teeth bring very high aesthetics and no black border.

Very high durability

This tooth is very safe and does not irritate the soft tissue, so it is always safe for customers. Moreover this tooth has very good gloss adhesion is not available, not dull.

Ensure chewing ability

Extremely special design should the rib and the outside porcelain layer should withstand extremely good strength. This tooth is not broken, not abrasive, so you are free to eat and drink without worrying that it is worn out.

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Why should cercon porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental

The advantages and outstanding features that all porcelain porcelain cercon bring surely everyone will be satisfied with this tooth. But one factor affecting the results when cercon porcelain veneers is the skill of the doctor.

At Shinbi Dental with a team of highly qualified medical doctors who have successfully performed many Cercon porcelain crowns, you will quickly own beautiful natural teeth. In addition, the doctors always follow the extremely implementation process to ensure a feeling of peace of mind for customers.

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