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Coral braces – 7 useful information you should know

Chanted teeth not only cause cosmetic loss to the face, but it also affects the chewing function of the patient. So the article below shinbi dental will share with you extremely useful information when braces.

What causes lead to dental status

Causes of tooth decay:

Genetic factors
This is one of the causes leading to the condition of many people. According to statistics this situation accounts for about 70-80%, because if someone in the family has this condition, the likelihood of the child may also have this condition and also depends on the level of bared or different weighing.

Bad habit
Bad habits such as sucking on hands, fake breasts … for a long time can affect the teething process, causing the teeth to bounce forward. To be able to change, you need to limit and change this bad habit.

Faulty joints
The process of developing the jaw bone structure from an early age to adulthood greatly affects the bone structure. If the condition in the jaw bone is not growing well, it can lead to the condition of dental teeth.

Why do we need to treat coral teeth?
Porous teeth, also known as protruding teeth, if this condition is examined and treated early, is in the age of 10-15 years. Because at this age you can limit the pain during treatment further in this age also helps teeth move more smoothly and bring good results.

In addition, early braces help prevent dental bites deviation … Dental treatment helps prevent dental diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, tooth decay, false temporal joint.

Common cases of coral teeth:

Normal lower jaw, upper jaw pulled forward
The lower jaw is pushed back, the upper arch is normal
The lower jaw is pushed back, the same upper jaw is forward
The same upper and lower jaws are jutting forward
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So do braces hurt?
Surely this will be one of the questions that are very much concerned because braces will be very painful because so after braces can work well. This is completely correct, but to better understand this question we will explain in detail each stage that you have to go through:

In the first 1 week or so, when you have started the process of wearing this time you will feel pain and discomfort. Because at first, the function has not adapted to this situation, so you will certainly be hard to avoid. However, you do not need to worry because after about a week, this situation will disappear completely.

Moreover, the treatment will be re-examined by the doctor as well as the time the doctor will exert force on the crown or replace the tray.This feeling will continue again but just like the first time. when I first started wearing braces.

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Braces take how long?
How long braces take takes depends on factors such as: dental health status (mild or severe), the method you choose (traditional metal braces, porcelain braces, self-laces, face braces) but the most important factor is the experience and skill of the doctor.

For mild cases, it will take 12-24 months depending on the different teeth condition that the doctor will have different impact plans.
In severe cases, treatment time will be longer and patients will take about 24-36 months.

Note: There are cases of some dental diseases that patients need to be thoroughly treated for that condition. Braces can then be carried out, so the time will be delayed by about 1-2 weeks.


The procedure for making dental braces at Shinbi Dental

At Shinbi Dental, patients will go through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit dental condition and counseling

When coming to Shinbi dentistry, you will be examined by an in-depth specialist to check the oral condition. As well as conducting a 3D CT X-ray to determine the exact condition and structure of your teeth. If you have some dental disease … then the doctor will conduct a thorough treatment before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2: Up treatment regimen

Once the results of the X-ray are taken, your doctor will develop a treatment plan as well as show you a simulation of the process of the moving teeth, the expected of each stage and predict the end of the treatment process.

Step 3: Get the function sign

Your doctor will use a plaster sample to get a jaw impression to help you design the appropriate gas for you.This time only takes about 5-10 minutes to be finished.

Step 4: Conduct braces or braces

If you choose braces, it will take about 1 to 2 hours. If you choose the brace tray method, the time will be faster, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to wear the tray. Your doctor will then give you a set of numbered braces so that you can replace them yourself at home.

Step 5: Re-visit periodically

In the process of wearing braces, you will be appointed by the doctor about 1 month to re-visit 1 time for braces, and for braces during the first 2 weeks you will visit again. like receiving braces. The follow-up visit will help the doctor control the process of tooth movement.

Step 6: Remove the braces and use the maintenance function

After removing the braces, the doctor will appoint you to use the maintenance jaw to help the braces process to achieve the best effect. As well as helping the teeth maintain a new position more stable to prevent the teeth from returning to the original position. The time to use the maintenance jaw will also take about 6-9 months or it may take longer depending on your weak or weak teeth.

How to care after coral braces

After performing orthodontic care is extremely important as:


Dr. Shinbi always advises patients to use floss for daily oral hygiene. In order to eliminate the food acne piles that remain on the gas as well as the teeth, prevent the risk of dental disease during the process of wearing braces.

Brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush

Using a soft bristle brush instead of other conventional brushes will minimize braces when brushing. And avoid damaging other soft tissues in the oral cavity. Therefore, you need to brush your teeth gently and strictly follow your doctor’s instructions. Help the treatment process be most effective and best.

Adjust your diet properly

Stay away from foods that are too hard, too cold, or too hot because they are more likely to break and damage tools and braces. You should not eat too much food that is too flexible, easy to cause teeth and stick to braces, making it difficult to clean such as chewing gum, marshmallows, …

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While wearing braces, you also need to limit foods that are too hard, too hot or too cold. Because they may be at risk of affecting air tools. Also avoid plastic foods that are easy to stick to braces that affect the oral hygiene process

How much does braces cost at Shinbi Dental

It is difficult to give a specific cost when braces brace, because it depends on many objective factors such as: severe or mild respiratory condition … the method that patients apply to treat

However, to help you understand more about the cost of making braces, you can refer to the price list below:

Name Service Price List
Orthodontics during 60,000,000-130,000,000
Orthodontic braces 30,000,000-50,000,000
Orthodontic function 10,000,000

How much braces cost depends on the type of braces you choose. Usually orthodontic prices throughout will cost more than braces. But it brings beauty to you and is extremely convenient during treatment.

Review customers who perform successful dental braces at Shinbi Dental

Tran Hai Anh 23 years old – Hanoi

Nguyen Thi Thao 27 years old – Hai Phong

Nguyễn Thị Thảo – 20 years old – Bắc Ninh



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