Actress Hoa Thuy

“Lieutenant Thu Hien of the Criminal Police” Hoa Thuy: Positive energy from a bright smile

Hoa Thuy used to be considered one of the best-selling faces on the small screen. The roles she played left a deep impression on the audience, especially the role of Lieutenant Thu Hien in the series “Criminal Police”. However, when being popular, Hoa Thuy suddenly “disappeared” for many years and recently appeared again. Let’s talk to Shinbi with Hoa Thuy!

Reporter: Recently, audiences were quite surprised to see you reappear in the currently broadcasting drama “Fate Selection”. What made you decide to return to the small screen?

Actor Hoa Thuy: Maybe that’s the character. When I was invited to play the role of Thuy Dung, a court officer in the movie “Choosing fate” by director Mai Hong Phong, I immediately accepted. That is because after reading the script, I see this character as a model representing justice, decisive, determined, strict, wholeheartedly defending the right, and never afraid of dangers. However, deep down, this character is a very loving woman, full of inner waves. I also sympathize with the character, because Thuy Dung always lives in an unrequited love life that lasts all his life and chooses a single life for the career of defending righteousness.

Reporter: So do you think there are many similarities between yourself and this character?

Actor Hoa Thuy: Sure, Thuy Dung is like me in assertiveness, strong, masculine in appearance, but contains a lot of sadness inside. My life and this character are equally arid because they do not have a protective hand, and there are times when I struggle with loneliness, so I have to find joy at work. Like Thuy Dung, in real life, I also wholeheartedly support my juniors at work.

Reporter: From your smile, Shinbi feels you will be the one to spread positive energy to the next generations, right?

Actor Hoa Thuy: Luckily for Hoa Thuy, I myself always cherished this energy source, not only spreading it to everyone, but it was also a secret to Hoa Thuy to always be comfortable in the job of maintaining economic activities. joint itself.

Reporter: Being both an actress and appearing as a representative of international brands in Vietnam, what makes you think that partners choose you and not another face?

Actor Hoa Thuy: Hoa Thuy thinks that it is her confidence, radiant friendliness along with her straightforward and decisive personality in business that makes Thuy’s image different from others. Certainly, that bright smile contributed to Shinbi, because here, I have better understood the saying “change your teeth”. She changed a lot more when she removed her old poorly sharp teeth to replace her perfect smile now.

Reporter: Thank you, Ms. Hoa Thuy, for taking the time to talk to Shinbi’s readers! Wishing you every success in acting and favorable business.

Hoa Thuy with the cast of the movie “Criminal Police” in the program Happy memories reminds many memories for generations