Actress Kieu Thanh

Actress “In front is the sky” Kieu Thanh: A change after 17 years of success is inevitable

After the resounding success of the movie “In front is the sky”, the cast performed the best, not to mention Kieu Thanh’s name. The sharp face and the “sharp” acting made a strong impression on the audience. 17 years after the broadcast, actress Kieu Thanh still maintains her heat through many diverse roles.

Kieu Thanh – An actress is known for her frankness

Through the roles, it is not difficult to recognize the true personality of the actress through the character images she portrays. Not afraid to challenge the detective film genre, difficult scenes, Kieu Thanh was commented by her colleagues as one of the “bitches” of the Northern cast.

For women, with a career characteristic of being an actress, time onset is more than time spent on family and oneself. Kieu Thanh once confided to Shinbi: “I am a thorny person in character, so in appearance, I do not invest like many other actresses. She has the view that, for me, good acting is a measure of an actress’s success. The only thing that I want to change is my smile, to bring more new aspects of my acting career. ”

Meritorious Artist Kieu Thanh in a dramatic role at the Vietnam Drama Theater 

Her smile in the past was like many customers when she came to Shinbi, her teeth were infected with Tetracycline, and her teeth were yellow down heavy, making her skin darker and less sharp.

Serious investment

Investing in a smile, Kieu Thanh thinks herself most profitable is strength. As an artist, marketing is a common thing, causing many actors to struggle when something goes wrong. As for her, leaving the jerked pages aside, the strong words less, and the confident smile are two powerful weapons against public opinion.

Coming to Shinbi to recreate her smile, to change her role, to renew her acting image is also what Kieu Thanh expects. In the future, audiences can expect more and more breakthroughs in Kieu Thanh’s acting.

Meritorious Artist Kieu Thanh and the cast of the movie of the year “Rose on the left breast”