Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai

Witch of Vietnamese Cuisine Pham Tuan Hai: “Living a life without wasting …”

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai – Host of many domestic and foreign culinary evaluation programs said: “The opportunity to change life is a godsend, but if you want to live a life without waste, you have to win for yourself. pick”.

The road to success has never been experienced even once

It is not difficult for us to search on network tools the phrase “Master Chef Pham Tuan Hai”. Dubbed the “witch” in the culinary industry of Vietnam, chef Pham Tuan Hai constantly appears as a fixed judge of the Masterchef Vietnam program (Vietnamese chef king) and the Masterchef Junior Vietnam version (king) Vietnamese child chef) from 2013 to the present. Experience with valuable suggestions, chef Hai has contributed significantly to the success of these reality TV programs. At the same time, he is also the head chef of Unilever Food Solutions Vietnam, representing the Knorr brand, the honorary chief of royal diplomatic meetings, great leaders, …

Behind the successful moments in his career, Mr. Hai said: “Sometimes when I turn back to think, I have realized that the path to success has never been experienced even once. I had to trade with a lot of difficulties, did not receive the support, alone endured loneliness and pressure. ”

Phạm Tuấn Hải fouder nhà hàng sâm tuệ lâPhạm Tuấn Hải fouder nhà hàng sâm tuệ lâm

Chef Pham Tuan Hai is also the Founder of Sabochi Tue Lam Restaurant – the first ginseng restaurant in Vietnam

Meeting him in the late afternoon, different from the image on national television, chef Hai appeared older, his hair was half gray, his skin darkened. Realizing my surprise, he shared, he did not want to dye his hair, at the age of four weeks, he no longer matters in appearance. Natural hair color is also to prove that he had to work hard, bareheaded, to achieve success today is not easy.

Different from my thinking about celebrities who care for their appearance to create a good image in public, chef Hai is a different case. He chose to wear a shirt suitable for a man like him.

Deciding to take a bold path, but bring excitement to yourself

The story of Hai’s cuisine will make many people surprised. Having passed the examination and studied medical school, the decision to transform into a culinary career faced strong opposition from the family. He shared that, at first, he studied hard to pass the medical college and made his parents very proud because the whole family had him as the only child studying medicine. much. After a period of study, he felt that medicine could not stimulate his creativity and ability to explore. You cannot be creative on the human body even though this is the noblest profession. He decided to study tourism school, majoring in chefs. This shocked his parents and did not speak to him for more than a year.

PHạm Tuấn Hải khu nghỉ dưỡng Đoàn gia

Just like the contestants in the King of Vietnamese Chef, chef Hai has bet a part of his life, giving up the golden opportunity to go the new path full of thorns. The first steps were so difficult that he did not dare to imagine the future of success. Fortunately, at that time the tourism industry in Vietnam began to expand with the enthusiastic instruction from an experienced teacher, he did not miss any opportunities to develop himself.

Positive energy comes from radiant smiles

The current success comes from a positive mindset, he always thought that the chef came to him with the word “charm”, and he was attached to the word “love”. Up to the present time, he feels that his happiness is complete when he is able to do what he likes, to be creative, and to spread the love to the young people who love the kitchen.

Phạm Tuấn Hải Khu du lịch Đoàn gia

Mr. Pham Tuan Hai is currently taking over Doan Gia-Phong Nha Resort

I suddenly remembered a saying: “Smile is the most powerful weapon, the best communication tool”. Indeed, his radiant smile has brought many opportunities for Hai Hai in many fields other than cuisine.

As a public figure, not only him but many other colleagues always try to keep a smile because it is very important. Instead of using the five-sense aesthetic method, many famous people choose the dental care method to own a young smile, ensure health, and increase the aesthetics of the face.

To keep a positive smile, chef Hai revealed to me how to take care. First, you must live a healthy lifestyle, absolutely do not smoke to protect the teeth color and fresh breath. Next, it is always keeping yourself mentally comfortable, optimistic, loving life. Always have to balance yourself to keep a positive energy source.

Moreover, there is one factor that I always put on top of that is having to take care of my teeth. He said: “Previously, his enamel was not white, the regular need to taste the food at different temperatures also made the teeth much less. He decided to make porcelain crowns to protect the pulp and restore his smile. Modern technology combined with precision coating technique also helps his face become more harmonious. This is also one of your right decisions. ”

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai and his shining smile inspired the culinary creation to the younger generation

Charlie Lapin once said: “I have many problems in my life. But my lips don’t know what. They just keep smiling. ” (I have a lot of problems in life. But my lips don’t know that. They are always smiling.) For a moment, a gentle smile could have brought invaluable values. Chef Hai is a typical example of the above saying, although difficult, the smile on his lips is always radiant and the way to care for the smile has shown a positive, optimistic and positive attitude to live a life without waste.

Masterchef’s story Pham Tuan Hai is one of the many stories Shinbi Dental wants to share with its readers. If you possess an optimistic attitude to life, cherish every opportunity you are given, pursue your passion, and find a way to keep that passionate flame, you will surely live a full life. Shinbi Dental system always accompanies customers in the process of creating and maintaining smiles.