MC/ Actress Minh Ha

Not only Duc Phuc, but MC Minh Ha also has a hidden aesthetic story

MC Minh Ha has made a pretty bold decision when he publicly kept it secret for the past 7 years because of imperfect beauty. Female MC Minh Ha VTV3 hopes that through this many people will not fall into the same situation as her.

Journey to find the smile of a female MC

As a public figure, beauty is always the top priority of beauties beside the investment in wisdom and soul. Right from 2010, Minh Ha has turned to the technology of making aesthetic porcelain teeth with the desire to have a perfect smile.

However, the expectation of the female MC of the radio station was quickly extinguished because the first time she did not satisfy her beauty: “As soon as I finished my teeth, I felt something was wrong. Spend a lot of money on beauty but the result will make you very disappointed. That day, I just wanted to have my teeth replaced immediately but I was not allowed. More than 2 months of waiting to make the teeth seem like forever. ” Minh Ha shares. The second set of porcelain teeth still does not seem to be “made for shoes” for Minh Ha, making her one more disappointed. Experiencing 2 times of making porcelain teeth only a few months apart with pain, discomfort, and bringing a lot of troubles to the life of the female MC.

MC Minh Ha’s story and journey to find Shinbi to recreate a standard smile

Ever afraid of contact … and the story “changing teeth changes fate”

The porcelain teeth that were not suitable for the jaw mold changed the facial structure, making her face significantly skewed. So when taking pictures, or taking pictures, all beauties have to sit on their side to cover this disadvantage. Not only that, being a member of the public, but Minh Ha suffered from painful feelings and many inconveniences in life when dealing with periodontal disease, due to the inappropriate porcelain teeth causing gingivitis, bleeding legs. teeth, bad breath .. Even, she is afraid to stay close, afraid to talk to someone at short distances. I always wanted to overcome this shortcoming, when consulting at a dental hospital and was advised not to make the third set of teeth because it was too complicated, Minh Ha thought that she would have to live with this set of teeth. forever.

The smile recreated by Shinbi helps the beautiful MC Minh Ha to be more confident when hosting the programs on national waves

The old technology for making porcelain teeth is widely used in Vietnam, the world has been eliminated 10 years ago. Sharpening, covering the porcelain teeth with a metal frame inside is the old way, damaging the original teeth. The journey of MC Minh Ha’s smile at the Shinbi Institute of Aesthetic Dental Technology, located at 33 Tran Quoc Toan, Hanoi, opens up opportunities for wise beauty for many people. Shinbi uses an Ultrasonic cutting machine and Nano Coritec processing machine to create 0.15mm-0.2mm ultra-thin porcelain stickers to preserve 100% original teeth. Majestic Nano 5k technology is a safe, effective solution that completely solves the limitations of the old porcelain crown method. After 24 hours of covering porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental, Minh Ha really found her charming smile.