Model/Singer Andrea Aybar

After years of “in hiding”, I returned to acting

Meet the actress and singer Andrea Aybar on an afternoon re-examination after 3 years of using the dental porcelain dental service at Shinbi Dental. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with the famous Western model for a while.

Shinbi: Hello Andrea Aybar, for a long time in the media, you rarely mentioned your name, have you withdrawn from the Showbiz world?

Actress Andrea Aybar: Hello Shinbi readers, Andrea did not withdraw from the art activities. Her less exposure to the media is probably because Andrea decided to focus on her business. Besides, I still participate in advertising programs, events, and movies. In 2020, many viewers must have caught me when Andrea took part in a few cameo scenes in the hit movie on VTV screen.

Shinbi: After retiring from the business for a while, how does Andrea Aybar feel about going back to art?

Actress Andrea Aybar: Over the past two or three years, Andrea has felt a lot more mature in her personality and acting. My acting is more natural, her attitude is also confident and different from before.

Model West Andrea Aybar radiated after her follow-up visit at Shinbi Dental

Shinbi: What’s the biggest difference that gives you confidence?

Actress Andrea Aybar: Probably my smile. As a girl, especially for a girl with Western blood like Andrea, her mouth is already wide, if she possesses bad, dull teeth, it must be my biggest defect in particular or image. general artist.

Shinbi: Using the cosmetic porcelain dental service in Shinbi, what made you decide like that?

Actress Andrea Aybar: In cosmetic dentistry, doctor’s technology and skills play an important role. The technique of high-end porcelain crowning requires the doctor to have expertise in molar plaque in general and in-depth knowledge of aesthetic dentistry, particularly in shaping porcelain teeth. I trust Shinbi and think that I will realize the desired smile here.

Shinbi: After experiencing the service, what do you think is the difference in the aesthetic porcelain coating in Shinbi?

Actress Andrea Aybar: I have seen many colleagues who have finished cosmetic surgery have to rest for a while because of toothache and sharpness. Before doing beauty, I thought that if I could not eat anything, I would take advantage of this time to lose weight. But after covering at Shinbi Dental Clinic, I was surprised because I did not feel pain, my real teeth were not damaged, even chewed better than before. Walking out on the street with new teeth, I am much more confident.

Shinbi: Thanks to Andrea Aybar for taking the time to chat with Shinbi!

Let’s see model/singer Andrea Aybar at Shinbi Dental with a new smile!

Model Andrea Aybar is one of the artists who have used the dental and cosmetic dental services at Shinbi Dental. The Shinbi Institute of Aesthetic Dental Technology always aims to develop high-class cosmetic dental services, is the owner of a private laboratory that can process porcelain teeth right in the center. Here, each customer is advised to smile and design their own teeth, suitable for each person thanks to 3D digital software.