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Singer Duc Phuc


Champion of The Voice 2015 Duc Phuc completed the cosmetic coating process at Shinbi Dental. He said: “I feel more confident because from now on I can laugh freely”.

Before that, Duc Phuc confided, he felt hurt when his appearance became the topic of discussion. However, the male singer does not intend to have plastic surgery because he thinks that his appearance helps him become different from the young singers in the current Vietnamese showbiz.

However, when standing on stage, the singer “More than Love” always wants to change his teeth to possess a more confident smile. Therefore, right after winning the contest The Voice 2015 and returning to Hanoi, the student of Construction University took the time to meet the doctors at Shinbi Dental to receive advice on changing poorly sharp teeth. formerly.

Duc Phuc’s teeth were previously a big defect when he joined the largest music playing field in the country. With the consultation of the doctor, the process of enameling and repairing the coral teeth took place in only 2 sessions, for the first time, Phuc was consulted, examined and traced teeth and porcelain, completed the process. The singer born in 1996 said that the aesthetic porcelain also made him worried, afraid of losing a lot of time and pain. However, after learning about the new technology painless ceramic coating process at Shinbi, he was determined to have a confident smile in front of the audience. The short period of porcelain coating and leading modern technology is the reason why he chose Shinbi over no other dental establishment.

After the governor in Shinbi, Duc Phuc returned to visit Shinbi and gave more cards about the process of changing smiles.

Success after each hit is a relentless effort

Champion of The Voice 2015 has joined the company of singer My Tam. According to Duc Phuc’s revelation when sharing with Shinbi, he decided to move to Nam to develop his career and pursue his passion. Before that, the Hanoi singer once confirmed that he wanted to enter the Vietnamese showbiz as a singer with a great contribution to music.

Diverse music, rich in acting, and humorous in a game show, Duc Phuc is gradually proving its firm position in the hearts of the audience.

The Shinbi smile recreated for Duc Phuc not only appears in domestic music works, but confidence has also gradually existed in Duc Phuc’s people when he appeared on international awards ceremonies, MV with a combination with foreign singers.

Changes in music as well as the manner of the artist, over the years, the audience has seen the maturity in Phuc’s music. Investing in the work and for yourself is the way singer Duc Phuc thanked his fans for always supporting him in the artistic path.