Singer Quang Dung

Dental selection: The point that constitutes a successful cosmetic porcelain dental case

Like many customers when choosing a cosmetic dental solution, the reputation of dentistry is the first factor, 7x singer Quang Dung is no exception. As the vocalist “banyan tree” of Vietnamese music, he also has many worries about his poor aesthetic teeth.

He once shared on his personal page that: “As an artist, I also care about the tuning of the appearance. Because of that, he had intended to go to dental work for a long time, but due to the nature of the work constantly touring and working, that intention was temporarily put aside. Over time, Dung’s teeth also became seriously discolored. At that time, I realized the importance of dental aesthetics. “

Oral for singers, more important than ordinary people

For singers, in taking a breath or releasing words while performing, oral teeth play a very important role, expressing the song content conveyed to the audience. When intending to make cosmetic porcelain teeth, singer Quang Dung has set two requirements: short time and high aesthetics. When researching the dentistry, he decided to choose Shinbi because of the technology and high expertise of the team of doctors here.

Singer Quang Dung discussed with a specialist at Shinbi.

The first impression of the male singer is the friendly facilities and the friendly receptionist team. The examination process went smoothly thanks to modern technology, it didn’t take too long. In particular, singer Quang Dung only takes 2 sessions for a perfect porcelain dental service in all stages, and brings 5 NO criteria:

  • No marrow treatment
  • Not cold
  • No bad breath
  • Do not grind real teeth
  • No bleeding, gingivitis, or other dental problems

Each song is a perfect thanks for the audience

Being the golden vocalist leading the green wave, each song by Quang Dung is the deep confession. He shared: “After many years of working in art, I have come to understand one truth: No change in the termination of karma. For the artist’s world, we always want to bring a lot of views to the audience through the music melodies. Music is no longer enjoyed by the ears but judged on visual investment. If I want to continue pursuing my passion, I only have a way to change myself, towards a new image. And the only thing I want to change is a smile, only a smile can help me sublimate on stage, continue to release many quality music products. This is also the most perfect, valuable thanks to the audience who have accompanied me over the years. “