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Mrs Do Bich Lien


I’m 36 years old.
I have a happy family, a stable job, and a life so stable that I don’t have much concern. Every day after going to class to teach, come back home, take care of two sons. In my free time, I often use social networks to chat with friends, read some hot news, watch a few hot movies today. Sometimes our family travels together to look for interesting things in life. But then everything went back to the same trajectory, tomorrow is the same repetition.
Things changed a lot when I was assigned a new task at work, the Secretary of the High School Delegation of Bac Giang Province, leading all community activities of an educational unit. The pressure started to come when I realized my appearance was less sharp than my colleagues. Confidence is still there but there are many anxieties and a desire to change.
I asked myself, am I, 36 years old, too late to choose a new start …
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Don’t worry if you think you started later than others, because in fact, you’re not the only one.
18, 20 years old is the age we study, choose a career and express our wishes in future life. Over the age of 30, we will work in an upward direction to accomplish the goals that we and society have set. At this point, you realize exactly that you are in one of three states: Satisfied with the life you have, unable to accomplish the goals set out or more, is to fear that life is too calm, A day as any other day.
When you realize this, you can still change, so that your life turns to a better direction.
Sharing with Shinbi Dental, Ms. Lien said, on her face, her teeth is the part that makes her lose the most confidence. The protruding teeth that people call the teeth 9-6-3-0, sometimes criticized as one of the worst teeth, makes Lien more afraid to communicate.

Khách hàng Đỗ Bích Liên

Good professional competence, enthusiasm for the career of ferrying students across the shore of knowledge, the ability to lead as well as optimism are the launch pad for Luc Nam High School (Bac Giang) to assign the responsibility to lead activities. Doan’s team went up for years.
Ignore jokes like: “Why is this old and orthodontic? Did you adjust successfully ?, … ”she chose to come to Shinbi Dental to find a new face, as a springboard for a new start.
The orthodontic decision when she missed the “golden” time also made her worried about the possibility of success. Doctor Nguyen Van Hoa directly examines and shares new braces technology, shortens the time for orthodontic and effective treatment for many different ages. Dr. Hoa directly extracted tooth 8 and performed braces.

Braces are orthodontic techniques that require longer time. Every morning when I wake up, I look in the mirror for the change and movement of the teeth. Long time required me to be a lot more patient.
Every day at work or in the family, I sometimes get many suspicious eyes of people. I set aside negative thoughts and thought that it was never too late to feel that the tooth would help me and my job.
I felt the change daily and after two months, the results were more unexpected than imagined. My teeth have moved back to the desired position. My daily challenge is to prove to everyone that “Orthodontics is never late”.
With painless orthodontic technology, along with good technical expertise, two months is the shortest challenge time for Shinbi dental customers. At other dental facilities, the “waiting for change” period lasts at least 6 months. Ms Lien is a testament to how determination can be overcome with determination and courage, whatever the time.

Khách hàng Đỗ Bích Liên

People of the new age of 36 must definitely be different from those of the same age 20.30 years ago. Previously, we were responsible for family and work but now, we feel something more important: our happiness.
For Ms. Lien, the new start at age 36 is to own a healthier smile, suitable for her job as a leader. Overcoming the time challenge herself, this is the time she escaped from life like a clock, day by day.
At any age, we all have the opportunity to change. Your life is in your own hands, let’s capture it to make life more interesting and have more opportunities to experience.

Do Bich Lien’s story is one of countless customer stories that Shinbi Dental wants to send to its readers. “Do not miss the golden time for orthodontic” don’t makes us worried because the technology “Orthodontic for all ages” was born in Shinbi. Let us adjust your smile to help you feel more confident, ready to choose a new start.

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