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Guess personality through teeth

The ancients said, “The teeth of the hair are the corners of the people”. It not only means that the teeth will help you eat, communicate but also express who you are, help you gain confidence and good health.

The teeth indicate who you are

You often watch detective movies, criminal investigations, …? In those movies, when the police found an unknown body, in addition to searching through DNA, they also searched through dental records. Because it’s like DNA, fingerprints, everyone has different teeth marks. The information that can be traced from a person’s teeth is a lot:

Origin of ancestors.
Eating habit.
Are you addicted to tobacco, alcohol, …?
Daily work.

And more than that, teeth can exist for a long time, so with fossils of the ancients, we can still know a lot of information about the ancients.

Teeth indicate your personality

Habits like teeth grinding, or illnesses like eating disorders can tell you how human you are.

Clenching your teeth shows that you are a competitive person, quite hot-tempered and characterized by anxiety. Up to 70% of people have a habit of grinding their teeth when they are worried, stressed. This bad habit can be eliminated.
Eating disorders: According to research by the National Association of Eating Disorders, there are> 83% of people with eating disorders have sensitive teeth, often worn teeth.
The risk of Alzheimer’s disease

One factor that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is tooth loss before the age of 35. This is the conclusion of a recent study at Mayo Clinic, USA. While the study is flawed, it is clearly relevant when Alzheimer’s patients find a bacterium called P. gingivalis – the bacteria that causes dental disease.

In general, your teeth say a lot about you. So take good care of it, take good care of your “human corner”.

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