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Instructions on how to whiten teeth with salt simple but effective

Instructions on how to whiten teeth with salt simple but effective

You always have to cover your mouth when you smile because your teeth are yellow – dull. Do not worry because this article Shinbi will teach you how to whiten teeth with salt effectively, extremely help you dislodge yellow stains, dull in just a few steps.

Is salt good for teeth?

In the past when toothpaste was not born, people often use natural materials to clean the oral cavity and teeth. One of the most outstanding ingredients to this day still widely used is salt. Because salt is easy to use and effective, it delivers certainly nothing that can be denied.

Ingredients in salt have antibacterial properties, help kill and eliminate harmful bacteria in the gums, gums … this helps the gums “benefit” healthy, reduce the risk of tooth decay, limit odors. Besides, salt is also a material to dislodge yellow stains to help teeth whiten naturally.

Instructions on how to whiten teeth with salt
To achieve the highest efficiency, it is best to use refined salt should not use salt in the form of compounds such as salt broth, iodized salt.

Use diluted salt

The water-soluble salt will surely maximize its effects, as opposed to brushing that only works on the tooth surface. So rinsing with salt water can best clean the entire cavity.


  • Mix a cup of moderate salt water (not too salty or not too light)
  • Rinse thoroughly with this mixture for 2-5 minutes
  • After rinsing the salt water, rinse your mouth with plain water to remove any residual salt from the oral cavity

Use salt and Baking Soda

Use diluted salt

Baking soda materials are used by many people to beautify, especially women because of the miraculous uses that it brings. In addition, this material has the ability to knock off plaque on the tooth surface quickly.


Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of salt + ½ teaspoon of baking soda + some clean water.
First, mix salt + baking soda + water into a paste. Use a paper towel or soft gauze to wipe away excess teeth and saliva. Then, begin brushing your teeth with this mixture for about 3-5 minutes. Finally, pull out and brush your teeth with clean water.
Do not use this method too often because it can cause tooth enamel to wear away. Only 2 times a week should be brushed with this method

Use salt with lemon juice

The salt combined with chang chang juice will create a simple whitening paste that still works well. Especially, in chang juice contains a lot of vitamin C, biocides … so brushing your teeth in this way helps prevent dental diseases, teeth and gums healthier.


Ingredients: 1 teaspoon salt + 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice
Put salt + lemon juice in a small cup, then mix all into a paste. Wipe the stains and saliva from the teeth with a paper towel. Then brush your teeth with this mixture for 5 minutes. Finally, pull out and brush your teeth with clean water several times.

However, to avoid irritating the teeth and gums, you should only use this method about 1-2 times / week, because using too much acid in lemon will harm tooth enamel.

Use salt with toothpaste

Making teeth brighter when salt is combined with toothpaste, you do not need to worry because they do not cause any chemical reactions.


Put toothpaste on the brush, then sprinkle a little refined salt on top
Brush your teeth as usual for 3-5 minutes, taking care to carefully clean the oral cavity and brush your teeth vertically.
Clean again with clean water
When you first start with the method, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and difficult. But only after 1-2 times you will feel comfortable with this method of whitening.

Does whitening with salt have a long-term effect?

Whitening of teeth with salt is commonly used especially in oriental medicine. Because salt is very benign, effective when whitening teeth again cost savings. However, you must not abuse salt whitening teeth because of the disadvantages that it brings:

  • Use regularly to achieve results
  • The effect should depend on how much or if the network is attached to the teeth
  • Can not completely remove yellow – dull like modern technology
  • Can be harmful to gums and gums if overused
  • Salt can eliminate the beneficial bacteria that put you at risk of dental disease.
  • Using too much salt can build up salt in the body, causing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases
  • In addition, using salt too salty can sore sore throat, mouth heat affecting the quality of oral health

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