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Shinbi Dental Cosmetic Technology Institute was founded by Dr Nguyen Van Hoa - a dentist with many years of professional experience in the US. With a strong passion for the profession, Dr Hoa desires to build a dental center with the best professional services and techniques according to European standards. Accompanying Dr Hoa is a good team of regular medical doctors Hanoi Medical University has a lot of experience, more than 50 well-trained nurses and nurses, with modern facilities, advanced equipment, all making a Shinbi Dental today Now - The Institute of Dental Technology brings the first 5-star dental clinic experience in Hanoi.

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The constant investment in equipment, technology and expertise has motivated Shinbi Dental to have a long-term vision of becoming the No. 1 quality and reputable cosmetic dental center in Vietnam, the place to care for buds. smiling brightly by Vietnamese people


Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the Shinbi Dental team sees its mission to bring the latest cosmetic and medical advances in the world to Vietnamese people, to make every smile Vietnam is a radiant flower lasting for years.


C – Customer Satisfaction – Customer Satisfaction

A – Accessible – Intensive Approach

R – Responsible – Responsibility for Patient

E – Excellence – Excellence in Excellence


The team of leading experts and dentists in Vietnam

The team of leading experts and dentists in Vietnam

Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the team of shinbi Denta

Dental laboratory on the spot

Dental laboratory on the spot

Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the team of shinbi Denta

Aseptic clinic meeting European standards

Aseptic clinic meeting European standards

Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the team of shinbi Denta

Process in accordance with international standards

Process in accordance with international standards

Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the team of shinbi Denta



Uncle Ha Quang Doan, 62, from Hanoi, praised after plucking Tam’s tooth at Shinbi.

Mr. Doan Quang Ha

Mr. Doan Quang Ha

62 years old, from Hanoi

Desiring to serve customers with the highest standards, the Shinbi Dental team sees its mission to bring the latest cosmetic and medical advances in the world to Vietnamese people, to make every smile Vietnam



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Venerable Thich Van Phong, abbot of Que Lam Pagoda, Kim Bang, Ha Nam, today visited #Shinbi to take care of his teeth.

“Humans should have 4 things, confidence in their faces, honesty in their hearts, mettle in blood and vigor in life” – Is a saying that Thich Van Phong always teaches the Buddhists.
Venerable Thich Van Phong, presiding over Que Lam Pagoda (Kim Bang, Ha Nam), is also doing Buddhist work in Bac Kan, Yen Tu (Quang Ninh) and Phuc Khanh Pagoda ( Hanoi). .
Buddhist introductions relieve anxiety
As a son of Buddhism, he always focused on the good direction, towards the best values ​​in life, is an example for Buddhists to learn. Realizing the problem of chewing of virtue is difficult, every eating and drinking cause pain and discomfort. This greatly affects the health of the teacher. Many Buddhists have introduced reputable dentists to the teacher, he shared: “I know a lot of doctors, dentists even heads, have big and beautiful clinics but only come to play but never checked. ”.
When a Buddhist practitioner had performed dental treatment and care at Shinbi dentistry, he arranged and went to Shinbi Dental to perform the examination.
Here, the Venerable was appointed by Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa to remove one tooth, then covered with aesthetic porcelain to restore the chewing function and ensure the health of the teacher.
The word “Tâm” comes from the smallest things
After pulling out a tooth, he was surprised: “The extraction of the tooth makes him feel comfortable, the time of extraction is fast, painless, so he only takes preventive medicine.” He shared, with the service industry, the most important thing that holds customers is the word Tam, expressed throughout the process of treatment and teeth.
“I’m very satisfied with the medical doctors here, the way of service as well as the dedication is the way Shinbi is the leading dental brand in Vietnam. In today’s modern society, customers have more choices and good customer care is an important factor in their success. “
Shinbi’s word “Mind” when caring for customers is as sincere as the heart of transmitting Buddhism to Buddhists. After dental care, the anxiety about chewing and reducing health has disappeared.
“I will recommend it to Shinbi if someone close has a dental problem. He believes that modern equipment and customer service are the best dental care destination. ” – Venerable Thich Van Phong shared.
The story of Venerable Thich Van Phong has made Shinbi Dental’s team of doctors more proud for their contribution to sustaining his good deeds. We want to put the word “Mind” to more customers, fulfill the obligations and dreams of the dentist: Offering spiritual value and health.

Venerable Thich Van Phong

Venerable Thich Van Phong

Venerable Thich Van Phong, Abbot of Que Lam Pagoda, Kim Bang, Ha Nam


Teeth infected with tetracycline

Stained teeth yellow

Wide incisors

Cold every time hot, cold drink

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Ha

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Ha

Let's listen to the talk of Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Ha; watch her radiant smile together; To know, Shinbi has...

Witch of Vietnamese Cuisine Pham Tuan Hai: “Living a life without wasting …”

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai – Host of many domestic and foreign culinary evaluation programs said: “The opportunity to change life is a godsend, but if you want to live a life without waste, you have to win for yourself. pick”.

The road to success has never been experienced even once

It is not difficult for us to search on network tools the phrase “Master Chef Pham Tuan Hai”. Dubbed the “witch” in the culinary industry of Vietnam, chef Pham Tuan Hai constantly appears as a fixed judge of the Masterchef Vietnam program (Vietnamese chef king) and the Masterchef Junior Vietnam version (king) Vietnamese child chef) from 2013 to the present. Experience with valuable suggestions, chef Hai has contributed significantly to the success of these reality TV programs. At the same time, he is also the head chef of Unilever Food Solutions Vietnam, representing Knorr brand, the honorary chef of royal diplomatic meetings, great leaders, …

Behind the successful moments in his career, Mr. Hai said: “Sometimes when I turn back to think, I have realized that the path to success has never been experienced even once. I had to trade with a lot of difficulties, did not receive the support, alone endured loneliness and pressure. ”

Phạm Tuấn Hải fouder nhà hàng sâm tuệ lâPhạm Tuấn Hải fouder nhà hàng sâm tuệ lâm

Chef Pham Tuan Hai is also the Founder of Sabochi Tue Lam Restaurant – the first ginseng restaurant in Vietnam

Meeting him in the late afternoon, different from the image on national television, chef Hai appeared older, his hair was half gray, his skin darkened. Realizing my surprise, he shared, he did not want to dye his hair, at the age of four weeks, he no longer matters in appearance. Natural hair color is also to prove that he had to work hard, bareheaded, to achieve success today is not easy.

Different from my thinking about celebrities who care for their appearance to create a good image in public, chef Hai is a different case. He chose to wear a shirt suitable for a man like him.

Deciding to take a bold path, but bring excitement to yourself

The story of Hai’s cuisine will make many people surprised. Having passed the examination and studied medical school, the decision to transform to culinary career faced strong opposition from the family. He shared that, at first, he studied hard to pass the medical college and made his parents very proud because the whole family had him as the only child studying medicine. much. After a period of study, he felt that medicine could not stimulate his creativity and ability to explore. You cannot be creative on the human body even though this is the most noble profession. He decided to study tourism school, majoring in chefs. This shocked his parents and did not speak to him for more than a year.

PHạm Tuấn Hải khu nghỉ dưỡng Đoàn gia

Just like the contestants in the King of Vietnamese Chef, chef Hai has bet a part of his life, giving up the golden opportunity to go the new path full of thorns. The first steps were so difficult that he did not dare to imagine the future of success. Fortunately, at that time the tourism industry in Vietnam began to expand with the enthusiastic instruction from an experienced teacher, he did not miss any opportunities to develop himself.

Positive energy comes from radiant smiles

The current success comes from a positive mindset, he always thought that the chef came to him with the word “charm”, and he was attached to the word “love”. Up to the present time, he feels that his happiness is complete when he is able to do what he likes, to be creative and to spread the love to the young people who love the kitchen.

Phạm Tuấn Hải Khu du lịch Đoàn gia

Mr. Pham Tuan Hai is currently taking over Doan Gia-Phong Nha Resort

I suddenly remembered a saying: “Smile is the most powerful weapon, the best communication tool”. Indeed, his radiant smile has brought many opportunities for Hai Hai in many fields other than cuisine.

As a public figure, not only him but many other colleagues always try to keep a smile because it is very important. Instead of using the five-sense aesthetic method, many famous people choose the dental care method to own a young smile, ensure health, and increase the aesthetics of the face.

To keep a positive smile, chef Hai revealed to me how to take care. First, you must live a healthy lifestyle, absolutely do not smoke to protect the teeth color and fresh breath. Next it is always keeping yourself mentally comfortable, optimistic, loving life. Always have to balance yourself to keep a positive energy source.

Moreover, there is one factor that I always put on top of that is having to take care of my teeth. He said: “Previously, his enamel was not white, the regular need to taste food at different temperatures also made the teeth much less. He decided to make porcelain crowns to protect the pulp and restore his smile. Modern technology combined with precision coating technique also helps his face become more harmonious. This is also one of your right decisions. ”

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai and his shining smile inspired the culinary creation to the younger generation

Charlie Lapin once said: “I have many problems in my life. But my lips don’t know what. They just keep smiling. ” (I have a lot of problems in life. But my lips don’t know that. They are always smiling.) For a moment, a gentle smile could have brought invaluable values. Chef Hai is a typical example for the above saying, although difficult, the smile on his lips is always radiant and the way to care for the smile has shown a positive, optimistic and positive attitude to live a life without waste .

Masterchef’s story Pham Tuan Hai is one of the many stories Shinbi Dental wants to share with its readers. If you possess an optimistic attitude to life, cherish every opportunity you are given, pursue your passion and find a way to keep that passionate flame, you will surely live a full life. Shinbi Dental system always accompanies customers in the process of creating and maintaining smiles.

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai

Masterchef Pham Tuan Hai

Meeting Ms. Huong when it was almost noon, sitting on the sofa is the image of a gentle woman, constantly smiling at us. Her story made me realize that the smile is the most beautiful makeup that any woman should wear.

Never once beamed …

Owning a famous mother and baby supermarket chain in Nghe An, Ms. Cao Thi Huong has achieved certain success. Leaving a stable job at Manulife Life Insurance Company, Vinh branch, at the beginning, she encountered countless difficulties. Luckily, she received support from her husband and family, the business became more and more favorable.

As a woman, especially in business, appearance is a significant contributor to success. Jaw pain in the long run makes the left corner of the face swollen, affecting chewing, losing facial aesthetics, less confidence in communication. She decided to cure the 7th tooth function in Vinh. However, due to a poor professional level, her teeth were damaged. The thought of a smile would radiate from here, but this failure made her lose more confidence.

Khách hàng Cao Thị Hương bọc răng sứ

Customer Cao Thi Huong before performing cosmetic porcelain and implant implant

Journey to find smiles and unexpected companion

Her family is happy with two lovely girls and her husband who always supports her, she thinks her life is happy and lucky. But sometimes, standing in front of the mirror, she chills a little and wants to own a beautiful smile like many other women.

The technique of making porcelain teeth is not right in Vinh, poor quality porcelain teeth, affecting the actual teeth, too much grinding has become an obsession in her. Tooth No. 7 left corner, the lower jaw has been seriously affected, leading to damage, to replace implant teeth.

When sharing with relatives, her biological aunt advised that she should go to Hanoi, choose a prestigious clinic for cosmetic porcelain teeth. After a period of thinking, Huong decided to cover porcelain teeth partly for health, more about wanting to be beautiful. Nearly 300 km from Hanoi, the journey from Vinh to red smile lasted nearly 6 hours.

Accompanying during the visit at Shinbi Dental, we were surprised to realize that the person who influenced Ms. Huong’s second porcelain crown was Ms. Dao Thi Thuy, a Shinbi customer over 60 years old. 3 years ago. As a chance, I had the opportunity to talk to her about the changes after she had a porcelain crown at Shinbi. Not hesitate, she comfortably shared: “Since the day I worked at Shinbi, I have received many compliments from everyone. This time, I went back to Shinbi, led me to the aesthetic porcelain office, and wanted to go back and thank my doctors. Three years after the procedure, the porcelain teeth were still white and beautiful, compared to her peers of the same age, she was remarkably younger. She became more confident in business despite her young age. ” Ms. Thuy is a retired officer. After retiring, she opened a chain of electronics stores in Vinh. Huong is the grandson of her husband, and her two aunts always share with each other their experiences in life and business. She is the one who wants her nephew to wrap porcelain teeth to regain a smile of comfort and confidence for herself.

When she persuaded Huong to come to Hanoi to visit and cover porcelain teeth, she entrusted the whole business in Vinh to her staff and accompanied her niece.

Happiness becomes more complete

After the  consultation process at Shinbi, Ms. Huong returned to Vinh to arrange a work trip to Hanoi for a few days. She also decided to have the older girl perform orthodontic surgery at Shinbi because she knew that if her braces were soon, her teeth would become beautiful in the future.

Starting from the morning, ending when the clock was 10 o’clock at night, instead of sharing the process of performing porcelain teeth for a long time, she thanked and admired the team of doctors, especially the doctors. Progress by Shinbi Dental. The meticulous, ingenious to attach 28 porcelain teeth to her is a testament to the quality of leading dental service. She recalled: “When I went to visit Shinbi, Dr. Hoa sketched a future smile for me, but at that time, I didn’t know the exact results after doing it. Until directly conducted by Dr. Tien, from early morning till late at night. She really admires and trusts the team of doctors here. Once again, I thank Shinbi for rebuilding my faith, realizing the dream of changing the smile that I have kept secret for so long. ”

khách hàng cao thị hương bọc răng sứ thẩm mỹ

Customer Cao Thi Huong after performing porcelain coating and her shining smile

Sitting watching her from afar, Ms. Thuy continuously took pictures of her and shared her joy with us. She always believes that, living in a new age, people always have to innovate and update. Porcelain crowns not only ensure modernity, health, aesthetics but also bring invaluable value: confidence.

The obsession with the dislocated face as well as the leftover images of the failure of cosmetic porcelain teeth in Vinh has partially disappeared in Huong. Ms. Huong’s happy smile is the joy, the effort and the success of Shinbi Dental. The joy of becoming a health care brand and a friend to cultivate spiritual values for all customers

Cao Thi Huong’s story is one of many stories that Shinbi Dental wants to share with its readers. The greatest happiness is when you own invaluable things, smiles are such things. It gives you many opportunities to grow and be more successful. Shinbi Dental system always accompanies customers in the process of creating and maintaining smiles.

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Mrs Cao Thi Huong


I’m 36 years old.
I have a happy family, a stable job, and a life so stable that I don’t have much concern. Every day after going to class to teach, come back home, take care of two sons. In my free time, I often use social networks to chat with friends, read some hot news, watch a few hot movies today. Sometimes our family travels together to look for interesting things in life. But then everything went back to the same trajectory, tomorrow is the same repetition.
Things changed a lot when I was assigned a new task at work, the Secretary of the High School Delegation of Bac Giang Province, leading all community activities of an educational unit. The pressure started to come when I realized my appearance was less sharp than my colleagues. Confidence is still there but there are many anxieties and a desire to change.
I asked myself, am I, 36 years old, too late to choose a new start …
(Customer Do Bich Lien – 0866646338)


Don’t worry if you think you started later than others, because in fact, you’re not the only one.
18, 20 years old is the age we study, choose a career and express our wishes in future life. Over the age of 30, we will work in an upward direction to accomplish the goals that we and society have set. At this point, you realize exactly that you are in one of three states: Satisfied with the life you have, unable to accomplish the goals set out or more, is to fear that life is too calm, A day as any other day.
When you realize this, you can still change, so that your life turns to a better direction.
Sharing with Shinbi Dental, Ms. Lien said, on her face, her teeth is the part that makes her lose the most confidence. The protruding teeth that people call the teeth 9-6-3-0, sometimes criticized as one of the worst teeth, makes Lien more afraid to communicate.

Khách hàng Đỗ Bích Liên

Good professional competence, enthusiasm for the career of ferrying students across the shore of knowledge, the ability to lead as well as optimism are the launch pad for Luc Nam High School (Bac Giang) to assign the responsibility to lead activities. Doan’s team went up for years.
Ignore jokes like: “Why is this old and orthodontic? Did you adjust successfully ?, … ”she chose to come to Shinbi Dental to find a new face, as a springboard for a new start.
The orthodontic decision when she missed the “golden” time also made her worried about the possibility of success. Doctor Nguyen Van Hoa directly examines and shares new braces technology, shortens the time for orthodontic and effective treatment for many different ages. Dr. Hoa directly extracted tooth 8 and performed braces.

Braces are orthodontic techniques that require longer time. Every morning when I wake up, I look in the mirror for the change and movement of the teeth. Long time required me to be a lot more patient.
Every day at work or in the family, I sometimes get many suspicious eyes of people. I set aside negative thoughts and thought that it was never too late to feel that the tooth would help me and my job.
I felt the change daily and after two months, the results were more unexpected than imagined. My teeth have moved back to the desired position. My daily challenge is to prove to everyone that “Orthodontics is never late”.
With painless orthodontic technology, along with good technical expertise, two months is the shortest challenge time for Shinbi dental customers. At other dental facilities, the “waiting for change” period lasts at least 6 months. Ms Lien is a testament to how determination can be overcome with determination and courage, whatever the time.

Khách hàng Đỗ Bích Liên

People of the new age of 36 must definitely be different from those of the same age 20.30 years ago. Previously, we were responsible for family and work but now, we feel something more important: our happiness.
For Ms. Lien, the new start at age 36 is to own a healthier smile, suitable for her job as a leader. Overcoming the time challenge herself, this is the time she escaped from life like a clock, day by day.
At any age, we all have the opportunity to change. Your life is in your own hands, let’s capture it to make life more interesting and have more opportunities to experience.

Do Bich Lien’s story is one of countless customer stories that Shinbi Dental wants to send to its readers. “Do not miss the golden time for orthodontic” don’t makes us worried because the technology “Orthodontic for all ages” was born in Shinbi. Let us adjust your smile to help you feel more confident, ready to choose a new start.

Mrs Do Bich Lien

Mrs Do Bich Lien


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