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Invisalign’s Benefits bring to you

The benefits transparent Invisalign braces bring to you

If you do not know what the benefits of Invisalign braces are for you, today Shinbi Dental will tell you more about the benefits that Invisalign transparent braces bring to you.

Aestheticism is higher

Invisalign braces are a new method of orthodontics that do not use braces but instead, dentists will design you transparent and suitable orthodontic trays for your teeth. The orthodontic tray is as thin as invisible and does not affect the aesthetics of the teeth and gives you confidence throughout the orthodontic process.

Diverse applicability

Invisalign braces are not only applied to normal orthodontic cases as you often do but also for orthodontic operations such as backward extraction and reduction of coral, mouth, deep bite, heavy bite,… Not only helps to bring the teeth back into the right position as the braces method has braces and Invisalign also brings high aesthetics and minimizes all the evil causing tooth pain in the orthodontic process to the maximum.

Removable flexible

Because Invisalign’s constructions do not use braces, you will be able to easily remove and adjust orthodontic trays when eating, drinking, brushing teeth, etc. This will also make it much easier for you to clean and clean yourself. Especially on occasions when you are going to parties or meeting customers or important appointments, you can remove the braces tray to be more confident in communication.

Highly effective method

Invisalign braces may sound new, but actually, this method was born 20 years ago and for2 decades this method has been constantly developed simultaneously and put through clinical trials to optimize work. turmeric. That’s why using Invisalign transparent braces can be more effective when you use braces using metal braces.

Can see the outcome of treatment

What could be better than seeing braces results before you start? Using SmartStage technology, Invisalign’s transparent braces allow you to see 3D images of your teeth, dissecting each stage of treatment until the complete braces process. Knowing that the process of braces will not only give you peace of mind, it will also help your doctor adjust the phase-based regimen if needed to get better results.

Less painful than braces

This is not to be argued in braces methods that braces doctors will need to scrape their teeth so braces can stick better, but sharp braces will not only cause a single pain. for you, that can irritate treatment and with the Invisalign method of transparent braces, the structure of transparent orthodontic tray will hold your teeth and help your teeth shape better without causing more irritation and pain. Especially the transparent orthodontic tray will keep your face aesthetics and pronunciation function more.

Treatment time is short

The majority of braces that use Invisalign orthodontic tray systems last only 1 year. You only need to wear the tray 20-22 hours daily and special occasions appointed by the dentist.

Millions of customers have used Invisalign braces service at Shinbi Dental

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