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Is implant implant available for the elderly?

Implant implant for the elderly is not always one of the questions that many people are interested in. However, this method is not recommended for all elderly.

Causes of tooth loss in the elderly

Over time, the aging human teeth will erode no longer as firmly and securely as when they were young. In addition to natural factors, there are many other impacts such as:

The elderly, health is no longer guaranteed as before by diet, often facing insomnia, impaired resistance as well as body parts gradually aging.
The condition of osteoporosis in the elderly affects a lot of teeth because the structure of tooth structure is no different from the bone.
Previously, the knowledge of oral care was not popular. Awareness of people preventing dental diseases is not high. So when old teeth are often weakened, this makes the bacteria attack hard so that teeth can be broken.
The vast majority of tooth loss in the elderly is often caused by periodontal disease, which makes the teeth loose and naturally fall out.
Complications due to tooth loss in the elderly

When one or more teeth is lost, usually older people will not think about the need for replanting because they will have the thought that there are still teeth to chew, so replanting teeth is not necessary. But because of this thought, they often face serious complications:

In the case of tooth loss due to periodontal disease, if not treated very easily makes the situation worse, the possibility of total tooth loss is possible.
Despite the loss of one tooth, the ability of the jaw bone to degenerate is unavoidable. This causes the adjacent teeth and the upper arch of the jaw to shift. Moreover, the teeth are now weak and the impact of chewing force is very likely to lead to tooth loss.
The phenomenon of jaw bone resorption leads to deformed face (pineapple)
It is worth mentioning that losing teeth reduces the ability to chew food in the elderly.
Is implant implant available for the elderly?

Previously, implant implant for the elderly was almost impossible for many different reasons. But the most important thing is that the transplantation technique at that time was rudimentary, not upgraded and not optimal, so it was impossible to overcome the problems arising in the jawbone and health problems in the elderly. Therefore, even if the implant can be inserted into the bone, after a short time, the artificial tooth will also self-reject.

However, with dental technology increasingly upgraded and optimized, according to the dental experts on implant implant dentistry, for those cases where the elderly need transplants will ensure very safe and do not cause. any impact on the oral health or body health of the patient, and ensure the results will be successful at a very high rate so people do not need to worry about the elderly implant problem. or not?

All the problems of bone resorption, osteoporosis, chronic diseases in the patient’s body … have the most appropriate solution when conducting Implant implant for the elderly.

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Implant implants bring to the elderly what?

Customers who are of the older age group should be well cared for. Because of this age, the resistance is reduced, patients need to eat adequate nutrition doctor holding model with dental implant. He is holding the synthetic tooth between forefinger and thumb.

Advantages when implant teeth for the elderly

But removable dentures make chewing difficult, causing significant impact on the health of the body. In the meantime, implant will help overcome the disadvantages of the old methods and bring many outstanding advantages:

Patients are comfortable eating and drinking without having to avoid hard, tough foods. This is absolutely good for body health.
Implant teeth have a long life compared to removable dentures. By restoring both legs and crowns, make sure they are as strong as their real teeth. Implants have a very long lifespan, even exist for a lifetime with the patient. If elderly patients have strong jaw bone, Implant can achieve success rate as high as young people. In the case of patients with long-term tooth loss, multiple alveolar bone fractures, the surgeon will need to perform bone graft surgery to ensure the bone size is enough for Implant.
If the elderly patients have good control of chronic diseases (if any) about heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis … then they have enough health requirements for Implant transplant and successful treatment for Old and young are the same.

The outstanding advantages mentioned above help Implant teeth day by day affirm his importance in dental prostheses. From that came to the conclusion that Implant implant for the elderly is the most necessary and effective solution today.

Although the issue of implants for the elderly is not specifically answered, but because the elderly are relatively weak health, when you want to perform implants, you need to find yourself a central address. Implant dental implants are the most prestigious and the best, with a team of professional doctors and treatment systems, modern technology facilities can ensure the best and safest prosthesis results.

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