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Porcelain teeth are the most popular and best today

Porcelain teeth are the most popular and best today

Porcelain teeth since their inception is one of the effective support products in the dental industry. By the transcendental features that it gives users. So what kind of porcelain teeth are on the market today?

Porcelain types are the most popular today?

On the market today, there are two groups of porcelain veneers that are most popular and most used are metal porcelain teeth and porcelain teeth. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages:

Porcelain metal teeth

Metal porcelain teeth are divided into 2 groups: ordinary metal porcelain teeth and titanium porcelain teeth

Ordinary metal porcelain teeth

Most of these porcelain teeth are composed of Ni – Cr or Co – Cr alloys and covered with a Ceremo III porcelain crown outside.

  • Advantages:

Metal porcelain teeth have very high durability, good bearing capacity, diverse colors. Therefore, many customers trust and choose a lot. The lowest price compared to other types of aesthetic porcelain teeth.

  • Defect

The biggest disadvantage of metal porcelain teeth is that it is easy to irritate the soft tissues in the oral cavity. When used for a while the metal edges will be oxidized in high PH environment in the oral cavity, causing unsightly teeth. Causes the patient to lose confidence in communication.

Titanium porcelain teeth

Titanium porcelain teeth are made up of a more precious metal compound that is usually nickel-titanium-chromium. And covered with porcelain on the outside. With this product, the quality and durability are much better than ordinary metal.

  • Advantages

Constructed from better metals so titanium porcelain teeth are also lighter, stronger, more durable. The biggest advantage that titanium porcelain teeth bring is the benign metal compound that does not cause irritation when used.

  • Defect

Although the quality is much improved than regular metal, but the state of oxidation is inevitable. Because these alloys will be acid and PH in the oral cavity eroded and oxidized causing an aesthetic.

All porcelain teeth

All porcelain teeth are considered to be one of the best and most modern porcelain teeth today. Because teeth are made entirely of 100% porcelain from the frame details, the border is also made of different types of porcelain. Therefore, all porcelain teeth are always bright white, very good compared to metal porcelain teeth.

On the market today, there are quite a lot of all-porcelain teeth favored by customers such as: Lava Plus porcelain teeth, Ceron, Ceremill … All all porcelain teeth are designed by CDA / CAM technology so that They have advantages that metal porcelain teeth cannot have:

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∠ Extremely high aesthetic

Because the material is completely porcelain, it is very difficult to see with the naked eye. Even when using a projector, it is difficult to distinguish between true teeth and artificial teeth.

∠ Not oxidized

The oral cavity environment is a quite complex environment but for all porcelain teeth there is no need to be concerned because all porcelain teeth are immune to oxidation. So even though brushing for a long time all porcelain teeth can ensure their aesthetics without worrying about oxidation.

∠ No irritation

As with metal porcelain teeth, patients may face irritation with soft tissues in the oral cavity. This is a potential risk for some dental diseases caused by metal porcelain teeth. But for all-porcelain teeth, you can be assured that they are extremely benign and do not cause any reaction to the soft tissue in the oral cavity.

∠ Durability and longevity

Designed from the most advanced materials with CAD / CAM technology so the durability of all-porcelain teeth is very good. The average life span of an all-porcelain tooth is about 15-20 years. For people who know how to take good care and maintenance, porcelain teeth may last for a lifetime.

Hopefully this article has helped you shape and understand the most popular porcelain teeth available today. If you have any questions about porcelain veneers. Please contact the hotline: 1900 0215 for a completely free consultation.

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