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[Questions and Answers] Can a tooth be broken?

[Questions and Answers] Can a tooth be broken?

Hello doctor, two months ago I fell down and lost two teeth, which greatly affected my daily life, especially when communicating. Now I am very worried about what to do about my situation? So the doctor let me ask, whether the fracture can do it again or not?

(Nguyen Thuy 28 Years old – Hanoi)

Welcome Nguyen Thuy!

Thank you for trusting our dental center and asking the question: “Can a tooth be repaired or not?” For this case, your dentist Shinbi would like to answer the following:

Nguyên nhân nào dẫn đến tình trạng gãy răng

In the case of a broken tooth whether it can be done again or not depends on the situation that you are experiencing before and how you will be assigned by the doctor to conduct a CT scan of 3D, examination and examination … at That can give specific plans for each case of tooth fracture.

Tooth loss or fractures have many causes, but here are some of the main causes of this condition:

  • Due to a traffic accident, a labor accident, a fall, or some other external impact they cause damage and lead to broken teeth.
  • Genetics is also one of the causes, especially those who lack calcium, which can lead to tooth shortage and fracture.
  • In addition, tooth fractures are also caused by some dental diseases such as: decayed teeth, gingivitis and gums … If not treated promptly, teeth will be damaged, causing broken teeth ….
  • After all, any reason that you may lose your teeth right now is to restore the lost tooth. To prevent complications that tooth loss cause as well as cosmetic remedies for the entire arch.

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So can broken teeth be re-done or not?

With the increasingly developed technology in general and the dental industry in particular, the situation of tooth fractures can be overcome. However, in order to recover from this situation, Dr. Shinbi would like to be classified as follows:

Where can recover fractures

That means your tooth has only broken the body but did not touch the root. At this time, the doctor will rely on the shape as well as the level of influence to have an effective remedy.

Cosmetic porcelain teeth

When your tooth can be restored, it means that your tooth is only partially affected by the crown and the root is still healthy. The restoration will bring aesthetics, something worth mentioning with the method of cosmetic porcelain teeth you can completely preserve the real tooth.

With this method, the specialist will process the smell of the tooth that has been broken earlier to form a small pillar. After grinding, the experts proceeded to take jaw marks and crafted porcelain crowns. This porcelain crown has the same structure and function as the real tooth you have lost before.

Recover broken teeth by fillings technique

For people who have a broken tooth or have a tooth chipped to recover, it needs to be extremely qualified and highly qualified by doctors. At this time, the plastic surgeon will use Composite material and then light the lamp to restore the original shape when the teeth are not broken.

But the downside of this technique is that the material is very easy to absorb and discolor. This is most likely to cause your mouth to foul after a short time of use.

In case of irreversible tooth fractures

In this case, it is certain that the root is also affected and cannot be restored, then the doctor will appoint to remove the affected tooth. And the best method for you is to grow dentures because only this method can restore the tooth that was previously broken. As well as helping you avoid the effects of tooth loss caused.

Here are the 3 most popular broken tooth recovery techniques today:

Use porcelain bridges

It can be said that aesthetic porcelain bridges are one of the solutions for fixed dentures. With this method, the doctor will create porcelain crowns to replace the missing tooth.

With this way, dentures bring aesthetics, teeth are more natural. But to be effective, the doctor will have to use more porcelain crowns as well as grinding adjacent teeth to make the pillar. Therefore, there are quite a lot of reservations when choosing because they will affect your real teeth.

Use removable dentures

Surely you are not new to this method, because this is one of the popular prosthesis solutions. This method will use a fixed steel frame to hook the adjacent teeth together to keep the denture fixed at the position of missing teeth.

The cost of implementing this method is also quite cheap, durability is not high, so there is less choice. Moreover, removable dentures do not guarantee chewing function and are very inconvenient in dental care.

Making dentures by Implant method

It can be said that implant is one of the great solutions when making dentures today. When you lose your teeth and use this method, the dentures always ensure the durability and longevity. Moreover this method you will completely restore the chewing function is no different from the real tooth, very aesthetic.

The special thing when applying the method to a broken tooth is that it does not affect the next real tooth, preventing jaw bone resorption due to tooth loss.


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