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[Questions and Answers] – What should wisdom teeth extractions and fasting?

“Hello doctor, I have a problem I want the doctor to help me, the problem is that I have wisdom teeth extracted, so what should I eat and after wisdom tooth extraction? Helping teeth recover quickly, do we need to abstain or not? Please advise the doctor for me. Thank you ”(Hà Phương, Ninh Bình)


Regarding this, Shinbi Dental’s doctor would like to answer the following.
Thank you, Phuong, for sending us a question. Regarding your issue, we would like to answer the following:
In fact, many people wonder about the diet after wisdom tooth extraction, we answer is very important because it determines the ability and speed of recovery of teeth. How to eat and drink properly, so that your teeth heal quickly is something that not everyone knows.

After wisdom teeth extraction should eat?

Mostly after the extraction, you will be advised by your doctor on how to eat properly and help the wound heal quickly. Specifically, you should eat soft foods, easy to digest. The wound is still very young at this time, so you need to make food easy to swallow, to avoid applying too much force to the teeth.

The most safe and effective dish is porridge. You can cook porridge with soft meats, adding vegetables and fruits to the meal. You should also eat well-processed green vegetables to add fiber, vitamins and minerals to the body, especially omega 3s and 6 which are vitamins that have a good effect on the recovery process of tooth.
The same meal needs additional protein such as shrimp, crab, fish puree, to provide enough minerals for teeth.
Need to actively eat a lot of fruit, or drink fruit juice, this is an essential source of essential nutrients to help strengthen the body’s resistance.

Need to abstain from foods after a wisdom tooth extraction

Do not eat foods that are too hard, tough, or difficult to swallow because the jaw will have to work a lot, affecting the recovery of teeth.
Do not eat spicy, hot, or highly acidic foods, as these foods will irritate your teeth and make you feel uncomfortable.
Absolutely abstain from stimulants such as beer, wine, soft drinks or carbonated drinks because they will irritate the gingival mucosa, which can cause long-lasting infections.

Patients also need to abstain from smoking cigarettes, pipe tobacco, or similar substances, smoking addictive substances can cause teeth to bleed, soreness and inflammation.
Above are our tips for you after the wisdom tooth extraction process. However, recently Shinbi Dental has developed a new technology that helps to minimize the time of your abstinence and even you can eat and drink normally right after the extraction of wisdom teeth.
Our new technology is the extraction technology using the modern Pietozome 4D machine from Germany. This technology allows wisdom tooth extraction safely and effectively with the following commitments:

No pain
No bleeding
Safe – you can go to work right after tooth extraction, saving you time to recover

Many of our customers were able to eat and drink normally right after the extraction and were surprised by Shinbi Dental’s technology and the skills of the doctors.
If you have any dental problems please call the hotline 1900.0215 for our experts to answer. We are honored to serve you.
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