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[Questions & Answers] Cosmetic porcelain teeth problems

The method of cosmetic porcelain restorations is currently very popular and is an effective way to bring shiny and healthy teeth.

However, many people still wonder about this method. Today, doctor, expert Nguyen Van Hoa, director of Shinbi Dental Institute of Dental Technology will answer a few questions for you.

Question: In which case should porcelain teeth be made?

Aesthetic porcelain veneers

Answer: Cosmetic porcelain teeth are used when your original teeth are no longer able to function properly as the original ones, when there are too many cavities, too big holes in the teeth, chipped, chipped, cracked teeth. dental fillings do not bring results to proceed with porcelain teeth. However, not all cases doctors appoint dental porcelain, but it also depends on the condition of the customer.

Some other cases such as sparse teeth, coral teeth, deviated teeth, dentures, vents, should also go to porcelain teeth to save time and cost. In addition, in the case of stained teeth, antibiotics are too heavy, tooth loss should also be porcelain teeth.

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Question: What are the types of cosmetic porcelain teeth?

Answer: Currently, Shinbi Dental has 3 methods of making aesthetic porcelain teeth, which are making porcelain bridges, crowns, and veneer.
In case of missing root, it will make a bridge. In the case of chipped teeth, chipped, it will be made porcelain crowns.

The porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental are made directly at the Laboratory of the Center, with the most modern and advanced technology. So you complete peace of mind about the quality and origin. We use the most modern Pressing Laminate porcelain teeth technology. With outstanding advantages such as 10 times the durability of conventional porcelain teeth, not having to root canal treatment, bright white teeth, beautiful natural shadows .. Ensuring to bring you satisfaction.

Question: What are the benefits of cosmetic porcelain veneers?
Porcelain is essentially a tooth or a tooth made up of special dental porcelain, which has been certified by the World Dental Organization in FDI, so it has absolutely no side effects to children. people. The benefits of fine porcelain teeth can be listed as:

Bring beauty to teeth
It is obvious that after making porcelain teeth, your face and smile will be more radiant than ever. Porcelain enamel is pearl white and harmonious, ensuring you the most natural smile. Superior Pressing Laminate technology for radiant beauty.
Manifestations such as sparse teeth, deviations, barb, mouth, are also thoroughly overcome.

Ensuring chewing function

Pasteing porcelain Pressing Laminate ultra thin

In some people, when the teeth are chanted, sparse, and .. will affect the chewing function very much, then, eating will be difficult, sometimes there is a burning sensation due to the food stuck between teeth, make you eat bad and quality of meal is reduced. Pressing Laminate porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental is durable, withstands high compressive forces, so you can feel secure when eating, living.

Maximum preservation of real teeth
When porcelain teeth are used to cover real teeth, porcelain teeth not only act as cosmetic or restorative teeth, but also play a role in preserving real teeth, effectively combating bone resorption. Porcelain teeth are like an outer protective layer, preventing bacteria and other agents from affecting the inner teeth, also supporting and stabilizing the tooth structure, thus preserving the original teeth. max.

Thus, it can be seen that making aesthetic porcelain teeth brings a lot of benefits, both can help you have shiny radiant teeth and at the same time can protect your teeth safety against potential risks. other. This is really an optimal measure to take care of your teeth.

Customers need advice on cosmetic porcelain teeth, please contact the hotline 1900.0215 to get advice from our leading experts. Or you can visit here for more information about the service.

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