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The effects of tartar removal

Does tartar have any effect on oral health?

As with normal brushing, it is not possible to eliminate 100% of bacteria and remove tartar.

Therefore, having dental tartar affect the oral health is not a question that people who are preparing to take tartar care about.

What is tartar?

Taking tartar is a method of making plaque books. tartar tartar comes off using an ultrasonic vibrator from the top of the tartar applicator.

If you do not perform periodic tartar, then you will surely get gum disease this is the first stage of periodontitis if the disease is treated promptly will cure.

Conversely, if the inflammation persists, then the tissue decomposes causing pus and loose teeth and leads to tooth loss.

Teeth get hurt or not?

For those who take tartar, first time will feel toothpaste, but when coming to later tartar, the sensation will no longer be.

In addition, when you get tartar, it can cause bleeding and the amount of bleeding will be more or less will depend on the tartar situation and the degree of sensitivity of each person and after finishing tartar, if like you drink hot or cold water, it will cause a burning sensation and it will disappear after a few days.

Taking tartar have any effect?

When you take tartar or tartar, the dentist will recommend to scrape and polish your teeth about every 6 months and for patients with periodontal disease, it is possible to shave every 3 months and at the discretion of the dentist.

If you brush your teeth properly and regularly and at the right time, it will limit the ability to form tartar, you may only need to tart once every year.

So taking tartar have any effect?

The answer to this question is no and vice versa, tartar shaving also helps to avoid you from dental diseases and therefore should be checked regularly and scaled up every 6 months to detect. get sick early and ensure your best oral health.


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