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Reveal the 7 most effective ways to treat tooth decay at home

Reveal the 7 most effective ways to treat tooth decay at home

You are afraid to see a dentist when your teeth are decayed and are looking for a way to treat tooth decay at home so that you can reduce inflammation and inflammation from the cavities so that the pain can be removed quickly.

How to cure tooth decay with Ginger and Garlic

As you have learned, these two spices have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. In the composition of garlic contains extremely many antibiotics that help fight off viruses and bacteria that cause plaque and garlic oil rich in glucogen, allin and fitonxit have uses such as bactericidal and anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory.

Garlic you crush crushed and mixed with a little salt and start covering the tooth decay. Remember to stick to it a few times a day and you’ll see the effects right away.

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Olive and clove oil combine tooth decay

Olive oil contains in its composition a number of substances capable of reducing inflammation effectively. Clove oil has an extremely effective analgesic and antiseptic effect.

Mix olive oil with clove oil and apply it to the teeth as well as painful swollen gums. You repeat this 3-4 times 1 day.

Use pepper and basil to treat tooth decay

Using black pepper and basil is one of the best ways to reduce tooth decay, which can be most effective.

You break a few basil leaves and wash and crush with black pepper. After the grinding area, it will become a case of rotting, then cover the area of the tooth to reduce pain quickly.

Turmeric powder effectively cures caries

Use a bit of turmeric powder to tuck into the tooth and pain you will see pain is clearly cut. Like other methods, turmeric powder is very benign and does not have any side effects at all.

How to treat tooth decay at home with chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a traditional medicine that cures many diseases and including tooth decay and you just need to buy 5 flowers in the market and then take off the wings and wash off a little bit so you can chew the remaining directly to soak with. 0.5 liter of alcohol for 5-7 days, then use it.

Every morning and night you should rinse your mouth with a small sip of alcohol to kill bacteria and do it continuously for a week where these bouts will subside.

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Green tea reduces toothache quickly at home

Compound in green tea leaves, although it is impossible to cure tooth decay, but if you rinse your mouth with green tea leaves daily, the toothache will be relieved quickly.

Cure tooth decay with peppermint leaves

Peppermint has a cool and temporary anesthetic effect and therefore rinsing peppermint juice for about 2-3 minutes is a quick cure for toothache. You can repeat several times a day without fear of complications or side effects.


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