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Dental Implant- The perfect solution in the treatment of missing teeth

The implant is a comprehensive solution to regenerate lost teeth with just one visit. Implant dental implants include root implants and porcelain crowns, restoring the ability to eat, and maximum aesthetics for the oral cavity.

The implant is an instant dental restoration solution based on the health of the customer. If the customer is qualified for bone volume and does not suffer from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dialysis, autoimmune disease, transplant patients …, surgery and prostitution will be done immediately.

Implant teeth for which cases?

Implant teeth are indicated for all cases of tooth loss that want to restore the teeth, ensuring the function and aesthetics of almost real teeth, including Implant teeth, are indicated for all cases of tooth loss want to restore the teeth, ensure the function and aesthetics almost like real teeth, including:

Case 1: 1 tooth is lost
Case 2: Losing many teeth
Case 3: Loss of the whole jaw

Customer’s comments after implant teeth

Sharing of customers after dental implants at Shinbi Dental

Implant 5S technology is “The all-round key” – Restoration of missing teeth

  • Ineffective tooth recovery – High success rate
  • Fast bone-building – Safe – Non-invasive
  • Fast bone integration – prevent bone resorption
  • Ability to eat as real chewing – High aesthetics
  • Save time supporting treatment – Sustainable results
  • Implant dental cost how much money?

Implant dental cost how much money?

With the motto SELL SOLUTIONS, NOT GAS. Shinbi Dental is ready to comply with the cost of the customer. Below is a list of costs for dental implant services at Shinbi Dental.

Implant method 5S

Implant 5S One Day Implant Method is understood as an instant dental restoration solution with only 01 arrivals. In order for a doctor to use this method, a client must meet a health condition of:

  • Bone volume
  • Do not suffer from diseases such as Heart, Diabetes, Cancer, Immune disease, Organ transplant, Dialysis,…

In contrast, for guests whose health conditions do not allow: bone resorption, bone deficiencies, loss of distance, sinus lift, lack of soft tissue, must use the Implant 5S method twice, as usual, each time. 3 to 6 months apart

➤ World’s Top Implant Brands with Implants at Shinbi Dental:

Implant dental procedures at Shinbi Dental
– Step 1: Photograph, X-ray, Free general exam, research markup
– Step 2: Exploit the patient’s history
– Step 3: Take a CT scan to assess bone condition, distance, thickness, height, and nerves
– Step 4: Making surgical guide troughs
– Step 5: Evaluate the systemic condition: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, organ transplant, …
– Step 6: Give the patient antibiotics 1 day before
– Step 7: Immediate surgery and restorations for teeth, if the conditions are met such as bone volume, without the above disease.

Steps of dental implants at Shinbi Dental

Frequently asked questions when planting Implant

Q: How old can you implant Implant?

The implant is only stably placed on the jawbone and results in a harmonious, solid restoration when the jaw bone is steadily developing. Therefore, the appropriate age for dental implants is over 18 years old.

Q: Is Implant durable?

If it is well transplanted by Implant 5S technology, by a highly-skilled doctor, many years of experience, the Implant can be maintained for a lifetime.

Q: Why is the cost of implantation high?

Implants are made from rare materials, thanks to high-tech lines, which are imported from genuine and performed by qualified doctors who are trained abroad, so dental implants are often expensive.

Q: After dental implants have been rejected Implant?

Implant dental implant using 5S technology, ensuring European technical standards, is done by a qualified and specialized doctor, the patient is carefully scanned and examined the jaw bone, ensuring that the insertion of the Implant exists completely. life, no rejection.

Address of reputable dental implants planting, implantation in Hanoi:

Due to the increasing demand for dental implants and cosmetic implants, many dental establishments have sprung up with cheap implantation programs, but whether they are aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, safety. with the patient?

Shinbi Dental Clinic with the mission of Kindness Dental – with thousands of implants, implant teeth to restore the ability to chew, increase maximum aesthetics for the patient’s smile more confidence.

Implant – The most perfect solution to overcome the loss of one / many / all teeth


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