Now gummy smile surgery is an option for people to bring you a beautiful smile to confidently communicate with customers or in conversations with friends.

Laughter is not only less charming, lack of confidence in communication, but also affects the work and psychology of the patient. According to anthropology, women who smile with gums often have a long and difficult life. Not only that, but it also affects the honor line of husband and children, so the love path of women who are laughed at is also facing many difficulties.

What is gossip?

Laughing gums also known as gums. The gums are the flesh hugging the roots of the teeth that are usually hidden at the top of the upper and lower mouth when smiling and stretched according to the smile of the face.

Some people close their lips just enough, others lift too much, making their gums open. Some people have their gums exposed when they smile or fully depending on the level.

4 main causes of gummy laughter:
– Beneficial for teeth.
– Benefit caused by jaw mist.
– Beneficial for the lips.
– Beneficial for the gums.
Advantages of the gummy smile method:
– Minor surgery time and fast recovery
– Safe, painless, no complications later
– Heals quickly and leaves no scars
– Just do it once only
– Completely overcome the condition of gums, no recurrence

Results after gums smile surgery
– Help your confidence, smile better.
– Making teeth appear more.
– Enhances the fullness of the upper lip.
– Make a smile that looks comfortable.
– Achieve the harmony and balance between the smile and the rest of the face.
The procedure of gingival smile surgery at Shinbi Dental
– Step 1: Examination and consultation. Doctors conduct a comprehensive oral examination, determine the cause of the gums and how severe or mild. Then the doctor uses specialized machines and equipment to analyze data and create the most accurate treatment regimen.
– Step 2: Clean the oral cavity. Make sure the gums are treated under sterile conditions. You will be cleaned by your dentist in order to remove bacteria that can be dangerous to the body during the surgery, gently anesthetize the gum cutting area, making you feel most comfortable during the procedure. execution.
– Step 3: Carry out gingivitis treatment. Based on the results of the film capture and the smile design software, the doctor will quickly and accurately handle the excess.
– Step 4: After handling, doctors will advise on post-treatment care for the best results.
Care regime after surgery smile gums
– After 4 days to visit again only cut thread.
– Re-examination after 1 month – 3 months.
– Abstain from brushing for 1 week, wipe teeth with gauze and rinse the mouth with saltwater.
– Take the medicine fully, do not miss taking the medicine on time.
– Do not drink beer bile. Include nutritious and energetic foods in your daily meals. However, hot spicy food, sticky food, spinach, alcohol, and carbonated soft drinks
– Should comply with instructions and do not contravene the doctor. Should actively contact when there are concerns, questions at the time when the wound has not healed.
Why should gummy smile surgery at Shinbi Dental?

Shinbi Dental is a prestigious dental address in Hanoi that fully meets the criteria of the International Dental Association:

  • You will experience a professional and international standard dental service right in Vietnam
  • The team of doctors with high qualifications and expertise over 15 years of experience.
  • Modern facilities, methodical implementation according to the International Dental Association’s regulations. Tools are sterile and absolutely clean to ensure maximum safety for customers during the operation to ensure optimal for the surgical process.
  • To be transferred with advanced technology.
  • Customers are cared for and consulted enthusiastically by professional consultants.


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Website: https://shinbi.vn/
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