Porcelain braces are a traditional method of braces to help you overcome the shortcomings of teeth such as deviated teeth, chewing, teeth, …

With a number of advantages of braces, such as high aesthetics, fast effectiveness, simple treatment …, the method of braces with ceramic braces is one of the top choices of parents. for your children.

What are braces?
Is one of the most popular orthodontic methods today besides other braces methods such as a transparent tray. Braces help to overcome dental problems such as coral teeth, teeth, eroded teeth or wide teeth, and other cases of lack of aesthetics.

About ceramic braces, this is a fairly popular method today and has many advantages over using metal braces. Porcelain braces are made from ceramic alloys and inorganic materials to ensure that they are safe from irritation. The porcelain braces are also aesthetically pleasing because the color of the porcelain braces and the color of the teeth are nearly the same, so it is difficult to reveal if not observed at close range. So you will be comfortable communicating, laughing, and talking, without feeling afraid to communicate.

Braces service price list at Shinbi Dental

Because the porcelain braces have high applicability and aesthetics, good efficiency, many customers often “freak” at the price of porcelain braces. So how much do the braces cost?

At Shinbi Dental – Customers will be able to use the service according to the actual oral condition and the customer’s wishes.

The case should brace porcelain braces

Braces are a method of moving teeth into the desired position over time, using orthodontic tools. Porcelain braces include a system of braces, elastic bands, and a bowstring to exert force on the teeth, making the teeth look beautiful and standard bite. The method is suitable for people with the following facial deviations:


Advantages & Disadvantages of porcelain braces

Porcelain braces is a commonly used orthodontic method, especially in the case of charred, bruised, or molten teeth because of the following outstanding advantages:

Advantages of braces
– Minimize pain and sensitivity: By using continuous light force with the superelastic intelligent bowstring system, braces minimize pain or pain for the person wearing the braces.
– Not damaging the jaw bone, teeth are not weakened after orthodontic: The frequency of force action alternating between pulling and resting is very smooth, reasonable to help teeth always have a stable period after each pull. Therefore, regardless of the direction of tooth displacement, the jaw bone can be adapted well, not weakened after cosmetic orthodontics.
– Helps to move teeth quickly and stably: The system of braces and bowstring is attached to the outside of the teeth, facilitating the process of moving teeth, so teeth will move quickly when using braces. surface. Braces are the type of braces with the fastest treatment time today.
– Bring beautiful and long-lasting results: Braces with braces not only help to move teeth, but also adjust the alveolar bone, helping to bring a perfect aesthetic face, braces treatment results teeth are stable for a long time and do not come back almost.
– Low treatment costs: In the methods of advanced and effective braces, braces with outer braces have the cheapest imitation.


The aesthetics and effectiveness of porcelain braces is something that has been confirmed by thousands of patients around the world. But the porcelain braces still have the disadvantages created by the porcelain material.

Although the porcelain material is durable, as hard as real teeth, if the force is applied to the teeth for a long time, the porcelain braces will be easier to break, break, or chipped than metal braces. At the same time, the cost of ceramic braces will be higher than metal braces

The process of braces at Shinbi Dental:
– Step 1: Photograph, X-ray, Free general exam and imprint, take pictures in the mouth and on the face
– Step 2: Evaluate the X-ray film
– Step 3: Make a detailed plan to see whether to have teeth extracted, how long will it take to do it and give a plan for implementation
– Step 4: End the treatment and evaluate the results

The actual customer has braces at Shinbi Dental

Ms. Tuoi – from Ha Tinh is a typical example, but luckier than everyone when she came to Shinbi.

And some other customers have experienced the service at Shinbi Dental:

Client: Vu Thi Mai- 25 years old living in Son La

Client: Truong Quynh Anh – 22 years old living in Hanoi

Why should brace with porcelain braces at Shinbi Dental?

Shinbi Dental Clinic is a prestigious dental address in Hanoi that fully meets the criteria according to the International Dental Association. Customers coming to Shinbi will experience a professional and international standard dental service right in Vietnam.

  • A team of dentists, doctors with high qualifications and expertise over 15 years of experience.
  • Modern facilities, methodical implementation according to the International Dental Association’s regulations.
  • To be transferred with advanced technology.
  • Genuine dental materials have passed the quality test.
  • Customers are cared for and consulted enthusiastically by professional consultants.


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