Porcelain crowns – A good dental restoration solution for you

Aesthetic porcelain crowns are a solution of high-end aesthetic cosmetic restorations that are durable and beautiful. Modern restorations help eliminate worries about invasiveness, complications that conventional cosmetic dental techniques can face.

In addition, before being a customer is also designed a smile – preview results; This helps customers visualize the change before and after the aesthetic porcelain is coated. Discover details about Nano Shining 5S technology through the article below!

The upholstery of cosmetic porcelain Ultra Shining 3P

Cosmetic porcelain crowns are the perfect restorations solution for dental defects that are not possible with conventional methods. The method allows overcoming both the function of eating and the aesthetics of the teeth. Porcelain crowns are based on a mechanism that grinds the real part of the patient’s teeth in a reasonable proportion, then takes a compatible external crown. In some cases of losing both crowns and lower teeth, cosmetic crowns will combine with implant teeth to help restore the most effective teeth.

Ultra Shining 3P is the Aesthetic Porcelain Dental Technology that can be precisely manipulated on any base of high-grade porcelain materials to reproduce the almost lifelike shape of teeth in all 5 teeth with many outstanding advantages. Turmeric helps to stop worrying about the issue of good or bad porcelain crowns in many customers.

Where should cosmetic porcelain crowns?

The Nano Shining 5S Porcelain Dental technology opens up unlimited restorations for all “degraded” teeth cases and wants to restore for more regular, harmonious, and aesthetic teeth. Specifically, the following cases:

Where should cosmetic porcelain crowns?

The process of cosmetic porcelain crowns at Shinbi Dental

The steps in the Ultra Shining 3P cosmetic porcelain crown process are followed by doctors in accordance with standards, optimal in manipulation, combined with a modern anesthetic system to ensure medical safety, minimize multi-invasive, painless and shortens the time the patient is in a chair.

  • Step 1: Take X-ray of the general examination and mark for research
  • Step 2: Detailed consultation on oral problems and methods to resolve the condition
  • Step 3: Oral hygiene and anesthesia
  • Step 4: Take the mark
  • Step 5: Processing teeth at the factory
  • Step 6: Grind teeth within the permitted range according to the company’s standards and treat the ivory surface to avoid sensitivity
  • Step 7: Test and install the teeth permanently

Customers have dental porcelain crowns at Shinbi Dental:

Thousands of customers have experienced the Ultra Shining 3P porcelain crown service at Shinbi Dental and all left positive feedback. You can refer to some of the following customers:

Shinbi Dental – Proud to be the best dental clinic in Viet Nam, where millions of customers send smiles for us

Frequently asked questions about cosmetic porcelain crowns

Q: Are porcelain teeth as durable as real teeth?    

Ultra Shining 3P Porcelain Teeth Technology ensures compatible tooth restorations, so it can be very durable without having to be repaired or restored. Porcelain material has strength 10 times higher than real teeth, good food sensor, so it can chew like real teeth.

Q: Is porcelain teeth durable, how long does it take to dull?

This depends on the type of high-grade porcelain teeth you use, usually for metal porcelain teeth, the tooth color life remains about 7 – 15 years, then begins to show signs of dullness or black rim gums.

However, for high-grade porcelain teeth, also known as non-metal porcelain teeth (all-porcelain teeth) have extremely good anti-wear and anti-staining properties, which can help teeth maintain color for about 20-25 years in normal eating conditions. If you have a good care regime, after making your teeth all-porcelain, the color can be maintained for much longer.

Q: How long is the warranty period of the porcelain teeth?

At Shinbi Dental, all dental services are covered by a warranty, in which, it is impossible not to mention the aesthetic porcelain crowns. Usually, the lifetime warranty for porcelain teeth applies to all different types of porcelain.

Q: Are porcelain teeth good?

This is considered to be the question of the majority of customers before conducting porcelain teeth. According to the general assessment, porcelain crowns not only bring good aesthetic results but also help restore the perfect chewing function like real teeth. However, to achieve this effect and reduce anxiety with problems. Are porcelain crowns good or not, you need to consider and choose a reputable porcelain crown from the beginning.


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