What is the root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a method of removing the inflamed or dead pulp from deep in the crown of the tooth. In addition, clean the remaining space inside the tooth, shape the canal, and seal it to seal the opened canal.

If in the past, teeth with pulp inflammation or dead pulp had to be removed, nowadays root canal treatment helps retain teeth that were supposed to be removed before.

Some cases where a root canal treatment is needed, such as:

– The teeth are chipped, broken or cavities expose the marrow, pulp inflammation, infection in the bone.

– Teeth are sore, throbbing when chewing or sensitive to hot and cold foods.

– Teeth aching constantly, spreading to the head and when the pulp has died.

– The appearance of white pus in the gums near the root and repeated repetition causing bad breath.

When teeth encounter one of the above problems, it is necessary to conduct early root canal treatment to avoid pain and death of the pulp.

Does the root canal treatment painful?

Compared to the past, the extraction of pulp is now much softer by applying advanced supportive equipment and treatments. Therefore, the patient can have peace of mind without any worries or concerns about performance.

– In the process root canal treatment:

At the same time, in the process of making pulp, the doctor will inject a local anesthetic in the area of ​​the patient’s teeth, so there will be no pain. Once the marrow is removed, the patient will no longer suffer from the pain caused by damaged marrow. The teeth are no longer sensitive to hot or cold foods.

– After the root canal treatment:

In addition, after taking the marrow, the doctor will prescribe medications to help relieve pain, sensitivity and anti-inflammatory so you can be assured that no problems will arise.

Thus, it can be seen that the treatment of tooth marrow does not cause pain, but in contrast is gentle and fast. However, to do so, it is necessary for patients to perform treatment at reputable dentists with a team of skilled doctors and modern marrow extraction technology.

Where should be a root canal treatment?

Currently, there are many different dental sites for root canal treatment. In which, Shinbi Dental is one of the top addresses with many outstanding advantages such as:

– Top modern facilities and equipment

Shinbi Institute of Aesthetic Dental Technology invests in spacious facilities with spacious space, luxurious interior and is designed according to separate specialties. Not only that, but the dental rooms are also standard sterile.

At the same time, with the desire to bring the best quality of care, treatment, and aesthetics to the teeth, Shinbi always invests in modern machinery. Some of the machines used today such as Cone Beam 3D X-ray CT scanner, facial analysis software, scanning technology, anesthesia machine …

– Experienced team of professional doctors

Shinbi brings together a team of dentists with many years of experience in the profession. Having studied at major universities as well as having been studying abroad.

Not only that, with dedication and enthusiasm, doctors always support the patient wholeheartedly. Help the patient understand the problem they are having and effective methods to handle.

The process root canal treatment at Shinbi Dental:

At Shinbi, marrow treatment is carried out quickly with the following procedure.

  • Step 1: Examination and X-ray: The doctor will conduct a direct examination of the patient’s teeth. X-ray to make an accurate diagnosis and specific treatment plan.
  • Step 2: Proceed to take root pulp. The doctor will conduct direct root extraction in case the pulp has died. If the tooth has not died of pulp or partially dies, anesthesia will be performed in the treatment area. Next, the doctor will use a specialized drill to create a small hole in the tooth to enter the canal, canal. Then, determine the length of the teeth to be treated and proceed to pump and clean the canal, canal.
  • Step 3: Carry out the filling of the canal. Once the canal has been cleaned, the filling will be carried out properly. This step can be an X-ray film to check the best star.
  • Step 4: Schedule a follow-up visit. Doctors schedule follow-up appointments to inspect and fill or complete additional services according to the needs of the patient.


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