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The benefits of periodic tartar removal

The benefits of periodic tartar removal

If you still do not understand the benefits of periodic tartar, it will help you to improve the condition of shiny teeth without odors and avoid dangerous diseases of the teeth. Dentists recommend that you get tartar periodically every 6 months to be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Stop gingivitis

As you know, bacteria in tartar if not taken regularly will accumulate gradually and cause gingivitis and periodontitis. At that time, you will often have bleeding root and mouth with bad breath and can be clearly felt when your teeth are sensitive when eating or depending on the severity of the teeth will be shaken. and tooth loss. So periodic tartar you will end and limit many gum disease.

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Farewell to some diseases caused by tartar

The culprit is still the bacteria in the plaque caused. In addition to some diseases of the oral mucosa such as mouth sores, you must also possess a number of other diseases such as sore throat, cardiovascular disease, tonsillitis.

Root protection

If you have stomatitis, you have to be very careful because it is likely that this inflammatory reaction will cause bone resorption in the teeth and the resultant gums will lose grip and lead to long teeth to show. the area of ​​teeth due to tooth receding gums. The exposed teeth because there are no protectors will be easy to be shaken and the process of bone resorption also takes place more quickly.

Brings bright and fragrant white teeth

When these plaque disappears, your teeth will become whiter and more beautiful than ever. Your breath is also smoother. This gives you a confidence anytime anywhere.

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In addition to the benefits of periodic tartar removal, you should also note the following:

  • Taking tartar makes teeth white and beautiful, harm can wear away the gloss of teeth or enamel breakage. So when you proceed to get tartar at a reputable dental clinic. Besides illness, please rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash and toothpaste twice a day. Doing this will take a long time to get tartar back.
  • You can choose the different methods of scraping tartar so that it is the safest and safest.
  • Old should note with patients that after tartar some people will appear numbness, pain, more or less depending on the degree of pain of each person. This condition will only last 1-2 days after removing the tartar and then terminated.


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