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Porcelain Veneer- The best prostitution for the teeth

The veneer porcelain surface is the solution for maximum root preservation

The veneer porcelain surface is currently popular with many people because porcelain is a solution to restore bad, chipped teeth to make teeth many times stronger than real teeth without many invasions.

With the development of modern technology, the Veneer porcelain surface is getting thinner and more natural. This makes porcelain glazers feel more comfortable and natural in eating.

What is VENEER porcelain glued?

The veneer porcelain surface is composed of a thin layer of porcelain made of pure porcelain with a ceramic surface thickness of 0.2 – 0.6 mm which is glued to the outside of the teeth to improve the tooth’s aesthetics.

The porcelain face restores both the aesthetics and chewing function of the jaw without having to invade too much, maximizing the preservation of real teeth, bringing bright white teeth, and a perfect smile for customers.

Which cases should VENEER porcelain glued?

Although gluing porcelain face is a safe cosmetic dental method, there are only a few following cases where it is possible to restore with ceramic:

✪ Teeth contaminated with an antibiotic can not be bleached

✪ Teeth are chipped or broken

✪ Teeth wide, biting slightly

✪ The size of the teeth on the jaw is uneven (too big or too small)

✪ The surface of the teeth is not smooth, has holes or wear during chewing.

Types of porcelain glues in Veneer:

✪ Pressing Laminate (Germany)
✪ 3M Lava Esthetic (USA)
✪ Lava Plus (USA)
✪ UT Smile (Germany)
✪ HT Smile (Germany)
✪ Cercon FX (Germany)
✪ Ceramill Zolid FX (Germany)
✪ Ceramill FX (Germany)
✪ Ceramill (Germany)

Why choose VENEER porcelain paste to restore teeth?

Veneer porcelain teeth with high aesthetics
The surface of Veneer porcelain teeth has a white color similar to dentin, with a clear, glossy look like natural teeth. Therefore, the Veneer porcelain surface is considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing product in the current aesthetic restorations.

Restores and maximizes real teeth
When gluing porcelain teeth, the doctor only needs to sharpen a small part of the enamel, about 0.2 – 0.6 mm, to cover the surface of the Veneer with the corresponding thickness on the outer surface of the tooth. This rate of teeth grinding is only about compared with conventional methods of taking teeth. Therefore, real teeth are maximized thanks to the porcelain glued surface.

Absolutely safe and does not affect chewing
The process of gluing porcelain teeth does not have a strong impact on the tooth structure and the pulp, so it does not cause irritation and sensitivity during and after the implementation. Dental aesthetic with Veneer plasters is done in a short time. During treatment, customers can chew normally without abstaining from any food.

Porcelain teeth after covering are maintained for many years
If it is restored by a skilled and skilled doctor, the adherence of the adhesive face to the real tooth tissue can be maximized. As a result, the veneer surface will be firmly attached to the teeth, not falling even under high chewing force.

The process of gluing VENEER porcelain face

The steps in the process of gluing Veneer porcelain teeth are followed by doctors in accordance with international standards, optimal in manipulation, combined with the use of a modern anesthetic system to ensure safety criteria in terms of health. Minimize invasion, shorten the time the patient has to lie on the chair.

Step 1: X-ray and general examination to mark the study
Step 2: Detailed consultation on customers’ oral problems and solutions
Step 3: Model the teeth after finishing for the patient to preview the results
Step 4: Oral hygiene and anesthesia
Step 5: Take teeth marks
Step 6: Processing teeth at the factory
Step 7: Roughening the tooth surface and treating the dentin surface to avoid sensitivity
Step 8: Try and stick Veneer porcelain teeth permanently

Veneer porcelain gluing process at Shinbi Dental 

Frequently asked questions when happening Veneer

The veneering porcelain can eat almost the real teeth?
Porcelain tiles are the choice of customers who want a high aesthetic look for their teeth. It acts as a coating for the teeth surface, does not affect the chewing function of real teeth. The adhesive face itself does not mean much in terms of function.

Why is the cost of gluing Veneer porcelain so high?
The restorations of the porcelain face require superior technology, special professional skills of doctors, modern machines, and high-quality porcelain veneer. Therefore, the cost of Veneer is usually higher than other prosthetic methods.

What is the superiority of the Veneer porcelain surface than the conventional method?
The difference of the ceramic surface is that it can manipulate different thin thicknesses of the glued surface, minimizing cracking even at the thickness of the adhesive surface is about 0.2mm. Therefore, the restoration of the porcelain face will ensure the quality of abnormal teeth such as a large pulp chamber, less enamel, …

Real customers stick VENEER porcelain at Shinbi Dental Institute
Thousands of customers have experienced the dental cosmetic services at Shinbi Dental and all left positive feedback. You can refer to some of the following customers:

Let’s listen to the sharing of thousands of customers who have pasted Veneer porcelain in Shinbi Dental!

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