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Things to know when cosmetic porcelain crowns

Things to know when cosmetic porcelain crowns

Cosmetic crowning is a beauty method that is very well received and interested. With the desire to own a bright, beautiful white teeth help smile smile.

However, many people do not know about this method. This article shinbi dentistry will share you with useful information before dental porcelain.

What is cosmetic porcelain crown?

Cosmetic porcelain veneers are a method to help restore damaged teeth. Or to understand more simply that the denture covers the whole or part of the real tooth but still ensures the chewing function of the jaw and brings aesthetics to a radiant smile. Moreover porcelain teeth often have very high durability without causing any irritation to the body.

The case should apply the method of porcelain veneers 

Usually porcelain veneers are applied to such cases:

  • Someone has lost 1 or several adjacent teeth or teeth together.
  • Those who suffer from chipped, chipped, sparse teeth …
  • People with severe yellow stains or Tetracycline antibiotics
  • Those with the desire to own bright white teeth, are beautiful.

Can see, cosmetic porcelain teeth fit a lot of cases. This method helps to restore aesthetic aesthetic for all teeth on the arch of jaw as well as improve and restore chewing function when teeth are defective.

There are many types of cosmetic porcelain teeth today

Currently on the market there are many different types of porcelain teeth, but here are the aesthetic porcelain teeth that are trusted and selected by many dentists:

Porcelain metal teeth

This product line is very resistant to bite force is coated with porcelain, so the color of this denture is quite similar to the color of the real tooth. Typically, metal porcelain teeth are composed of chromium – cobalt alloy or possibly chromium – Nike. The cost of this tooth is low, so it is suitable for middle-income people, usually the durability of this tooth will be 3-5 years or more (this depends on how after care is done. cosmetic porcelain teeth)

Titanium porcelain teeth

In fact, this product is also in the form of metal porcelain teeth, but the inside is covered with titanium layer, has an ivory crown color, the gloss is not sharp and natural compared to all porcelain teeth.

In addition, the titanium compound is also widely used on medicine so it does not cause any irritation to the body, not only that it also combines very well with the bone structure, including tooth. Usually a titanium porcelain porcelain tooth has a relatively long life span of 5-10 years or more (this depends on how you care after getting a porcelain porcelain tooth).

Porcelain teeth are made from precious materials

The structure of this tooth is no different from a metal tooth, but the inside of this tooth is made up of precious metals such as gold, platinum or palladium and covered with the same layer of porcelain.

The tooth not only brings a high degree of rare metal, it is not changed or grayed in the neck after a long time of use, along with the compatibility with gums, teeth and soft tissue. other in the oral cavity. The special thing about this tooth is that the tooth made from gold will have high antibacterial properties, so when using this tooth for cosmetic make sure you eliminate the risk of infection when used.

Cosmetic porcelain all porcelain

The simplest understanding is that this tooth is cast entirely in porcelain. They possess extremely prominent advantages such as:

  • Teeth color is no different from real teeth, bringing a natural, glossy, natural beauty to the rest of the teeth
  • Very high ben so should several dozen years that do not need to do again
  • Make sure there are no black edges, no openings after a long time of use
  • The similarity of aesthetic porcelain teeth is that it does not irritate any soft tissues in the oral cavity. In addition, you can eliminate halitosis because there is less food interruption on the number of follow-up visits is also less likely to recover faster.
  • The most common porcelain teeth available today are Cercon, Emax, Zizconia, HT Smile.

Paste porcelain Veneer aesthetic

Paste Veneer porcelain, also known as Laminate, this is the best cosmetic tooth restoration method today to help preserve the teeth in the maximum way. But the complexity of this method is very high, so it also needs a skilled professional and many years of experience.

The biggest advantage of this method is that there is no need to sharpen your teeth. A perfect aesthetic for the user, but the method also has the main drawback is that it can fall due to oxidized paste or biting into a hard object.

Benefits when making aesthetic porcelain teeth for users

Extremely high aesthetic value

Constructed from high-quality materials, the aesthetic porcelain teeth are capable of improving the color shape of defective teeth. Especially in the case of chipped teeth, chipped, infected with antibiotics … porcelain crown is the best solution. This method brings natural white teeth, aesthetic value for the whole jaw that not all methods have

Absolute durability

The color of a porcelain tooth is no different from that of a real tooth. On the market there are two most popular types of porcelain teeth: metal core and porcelain core. For metal teeth, the biggest advantage is the cost but it is limited because after 1 period of use it will be black and the porcelain teeth will have a higher cost, but it will fix and eliminate completely. all the disadvantages of a metal tooth

Rehabilitation chewing food

A remarkable advantage that can not be ignored of porcelain teeth is the very good bearing capacity and many times higher than the real tooth which ensures the pressure in the daily eating and drinking process.

Permanent fixation on the arch of the function

Very different from removable dentures or fillings, porcelain veneers can be fixed on the arch bone. The crowns are ground into a pulp or a pillar which is then firmly fixed. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your teeth will be dislocated, crooked … moreover, very good bearing capacity, making the process of eating and crushing food always guaranteed absolutely.

Maximum protection for teeth

Because the teeth are protected externally by porcelain teeth, the true teeth will be protected to the maximum in order to eliminate the bad effects in the oral cavity environment. Limiting the penetration of bacteria, the aesthetic porcelain veneers also help the jaw bone supply limit the ability to destroy bone.

Some frequently asked questions when cosmetic porcelain teeth

Cosmetic porcelain crown hurt?

The dental specialist for dental porcelain teeth does not actually hurt as many people think. Because during the procedure of grinding the teeth, you will be given a local anesthetic at the point of implementation. Therefore, you will feel comfortable without any unpleasant sensation during the procedure.

After finishing, you can also attach temporary teeth. In addition this also helps you more convenient when communicating and during eating. So you also completely assured that cosmetic porcelain crowns hurt or not.

The procedure for cosmetic porcelain veneers is done like

There are many cases after cosmetic prostheses patients suffer from soreness, stealing when eating, or falling teeth … this is mainly due to the doctor’s techniques. good or maybe in the wrong implementation way leads to unnecessary complications after implementation.

The following is the procedure for making dental porcelain international cosmetic diagnosis:

Step 1: Examination and counseling

Coming to Shinbi Dental Institute of Technology, you will be thoroughly examined by the dental specialists who will examine the oral condition that you are experiencing to come up with a reasonable treatment plan. The CT X-ray of 3D is extremely necessary since then the doctor has come up with the best solution as well as help you choose the best aesthetic porcelain teeth.

Step 2: Clean the oral cavity and anesthetize

Before entering the teeth grinding process, the doctor needs to clean the oral cavity thoroughly to prevent inflammation or cross-infection during the procedure.

When the hygiene is clean, the doctor conducts anesthesia into the position of the tooth which needs cosmetic restorations to minimize the pain, pain, and pain during the time the doctor performs the pulp grinding.

Step 3: Sharpen the teeth and take the mark of the jaw

Once you have identified one or more teeth that need restorations, you will now enter the stage of grinding your teeth to turn your real tooth into a cylinder. Next, you will get a function impression and then transfer these parameters to the Logo department. The teeth color is also advised by the doctor to suit the remaining teeth as well as based on your personal preferences.

Step 4: Design and manipulate aesthetic porcelain teeth

To be able to create a perfect cosmetic porcelain tooth, it must be done by a team of experienced technicians when creating cosmetic teeth. Moreover, the index of this tooth is also designed by the most modern technology in the world for tooth processing thanks to CAD / CAM technology, providing absolute accuracy, ensuring the best aesthetic, as well as Shorten the time to restore and complete the process of making porcelain teeth.

Step 5: Attach aesthetic porcelain teeth to the pulp

After about 1-2 days waiting to manufacture products, you will be attached by a temporary dentist for more convenience in life. When your porcelain tooth is complete, the specialist will attach it to you and adjust it so that the results will be the best and highest.

Step 6: General examination and examination

This is the last step in the process of cosmetic porcelain teeth, at this time the doctor will examine and check the overall status of your oral condition again. Adjust all the cosmetic crowns until you no longer feel the denture before the doctor can fix them. And obviously after this step synonymous with the process of porcelain teeth has also been completed.

How to care after performing cosmetic porcelain veneers

Diet after porcelain teeth

Although porcelain teeth are made up of quality materials and have a much higher impact force than real teeth. But compared to the tough, it certainly will not by real teeth. So with too hard food can damage this denture, while eating so you also need to pay attention.

  • Restricting foods that are high in sugar or easy to tint will also cause the tooth to tarnish and cause dental problems.
  • Absolutely do not use sticky food such as caramel, marshmallows, chewing gum …
  • Foods that are too hot or too cold should be avoided. Because the temperature of these foods can cause tooth sensitivity.

Dental hygiene after dental porcelain veneers

  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and size suitable for the oral cavity, brush your teeth twice a day, especially after every meal. If you are the type of person with sensitive teeth, you should use toothpaste anti-sensitivity.
  • Combine flossing and mouthwash to ensure complete removal of food scraps.
  • After brushing your teeth, you should also use your fingers to massa the gingival edge of the porcelain teeth, to help blood flow better around the crown.

Why should cosmetic porcelain crowns at Shinbi Dental

Shinbi Dental Institute of Dental Technology is one of the most prestigious dental addresses in Hanoi and is chosen by many customers by:

  • The cost of treatment of each cosmetic aesthetic porcelain is appropriate
  • The team of highly skilled professionals, constantly developing themselves, exchanging experience as well as always applying the latest and most modern treatments. Bring the results after the treatment is most effective
  • Is a dental address located in the center of the capital convenient transportation.
  • All teeth ensure the quality standards set by the Ministry of Health, with clear origins and materials and are imported from countries with the most developed dentistry in the world such as Germany, USA, France …
  • Modern equipment and imported from famous brands such as 3M, DiO …

The procedure for performing all services is carried out in a sterile environment to eliminate cross-infection during treatment 5-star standard brain room, enthusiastic attitude and professional service style create a pleasant and comfortable feeling for customers when performing the service

Customer review was successful when coming to Shinbi

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Hoang Thuy Linh 26 Years old – Thanh Hóa

Lê Văn Tuấn 35 years old – Hà Nội

Tran Thi Man 30 years old – Nam Dinh


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