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Useful information about ceramill porcelain teeth

Useful information about ceramill porcelain teeth

On the market there are many different types of cosmetic teeth that help to overcome the best condition of defective teeth, including ceramill porcelain teeth. Here is some useful information about this tooth:

What are Ceramill porcelain teeth?

This porcelain tooth is made from high-quality porcelain material and is manufactured by the technology of Amann Girbach Group, Germany, one of the largest cosmetic dental corporations in the world. This product was tested by world dental experts and rated the best porcelain teeth in quality and aesthetics. Not stopping there the bearing capacity of the tooth is very good and can be up to 1100 Mpa.

Ceramill teeth are composed of two main parts: ribs and crowns. The side of this tooth is zirconia and covered with ceramill porcelain is one of the extremely precious materials because this material is only used in aviation, especially in the production of space shells. Therefore, this porcelain tooth has a very high restorative ability and aesthetics has nothing to compare.

Is Ceramill porcelain teeth good?

Ceramill porcelain teeth enjoy all the best features of porcelain teeth such as cercon, katana … it is these points that it can solve the whole disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth.

Advantages of Ceramill

  • AestheticsThe ceramic crown of ceramill is made up of zirconia, one of the most precious materials. This material has excellent whiteness and can contrast optically so it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish this tooth from the real one.
  • Durable and extremely hard

As I mentioned above, this tooth can bear up to 1100 Mpa. Meanwhile, the bearing capacity of a real tooth is only approximately 200 Mpa. So this tooth is completely comfortable without worrying about solid food without chipping, chipping, breaking …

  • Designed on the most modern technology in the world
    Products are manufactured by CAD / CAM technology used in the space industry. And applied on the most modern transmission line today.

The deviation and accuracy of this tooth is extremely good at only about 25 µm. Moreover, the frame of this tooth is only about 0.2-0.25mm. So during the cap you will not be grinding too much.

  • Good mutuality
    Not unlike other high-class porcelain teeth, this tooth also has a very high level of mutuality, does not cause irritation to the soft tissue in the oral cavity.

In addition, you do not have to worry after a while the frame edges are discolored like metal porcelain teeth.

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    Cons of ceramill

The advantages that I mentioned above cannot negate the quality that it brings. But it is also the advantage that the cost of this tooth is not small. At Shinbi Dental, a porcelain tooth will cost from 6,000,000 – 8,000,000 pieces.

However, the tooth is very demanding about everything, so it is difficult to avoid high costs. When you perform ceramill crown, you will have a lifetime warranty. As well as will enjoy extremely attractive incentives. Help you own bright white teeth, equally beautiful and sunny smile.

What kind of porcelain teeth Ceramill have?

Many of the ceramill porcelain teeth will have many questions, because of the extremely convincing features that bring you. And what kind of teeth should I choose to suit me?

However, this only porcelain tooth is the only one that is Ceramil Zolid and does not have any other types. So you can feel secure choice without worry. The most important thing is to choose a quality and reputable dental facility.

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Why should ceramill porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental

Shinbi Institute of Dental Technology, with a team of doctors who have deep and solid expertise in the field of dental aesthetics, always guarantees customers a bright and confident smile.

Skilled diplomas and high professional qualifications of doctors graduating from home and abroad. When coming to Shinbi Dental, you always feel secure and satisfied. By the dedication to taking care of the sick like the family members in the family.

Review customer perform Ceramill porcelain teeth at Shinbi Dental

Tran Thi Tuyet (31 years old) after porcelain crown Ceramill

Nguyen Minh Thuy 24 Years old – Hanoi

Ms. Do Thi Mai after dental surgery at Shinbi Dental

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