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What are protruding teeth? How to fix teeth scraping effectively safe

What are protruding teeth? How to fix teeth scraping effectively safe

Today, the situation of gabion teeth appears quite popular all over the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. This condition directly affects the chewing process and facial aesthetics.

Therefore, we need to find out where the cause of this situation comes from and how to deal with it?

What are protruding teeth

Chipped or chipped teeth is a condition where the teeth are dislocated, misaligned and incorrectly bite at an angle that can be seen that the upper jaw is quite forward compared to the lower jaw.

These teeth tend to grow longer than normal and they often grow intertwined, overlapping without following any rules. However, there are cases where the teeth are quite even, but the jaw is too big and jutting out.

There are 3 types of the most common ones:

  • Teething fractures: Teeth protruding forward, without following any rules.
  • Denture structure of jaw bone: Teeth still growing normally, not showing or bending at all, but the jaw bone is too long (upper or lower jaw) to lose the balance of the face.
  • Tooth and jaw fracture: This is a type of teeth that jumps out forward and so too does the jawbone, causing the face to be overkissed.

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So how to fix chipped teeth effectively?

To be able to overcome this problem effectively, you need to be examined by a specialist and identify the cause. Then come up with effective treatments for each case:

Fixing braces

Surely everyone knows the braces method this is one of the solutions to help overcome the problem of teeth with defective teeth including teething. The doctor will use specialized dental equipment as well as to apply force to the crown and return the teeth to the desired position, helping the teeth to be more even and beautiful.

Making porcelain teeth cure the crane

Cosmetic porcelain teeth making is one of the most modern surgical solutions, doctors will use porcelain crowns made according to the samples taken before. After the shaping is done, the dentures are restored to the real teeth. Causes the protruded teeth to be forced inward so that the joints are properly aligned. Moreover, dentures also help improve the aesthetics for people with disabilities.

However, this method should only be applied to those who have a slight lift and on average it will take about 2-3 days for successful restoration.

Maxillofacial surgery and braces to cure the problem

In the case of a person with a fracture due to both teeth and jaw bone, surgery on a jaw with braces is essential because only this method can effectively treat it. But the method is very complicated so the doctor’s skills must be very good as well as the prestigious dentistry, in order to avoid unnecessary complications after treatment.

Where dentures where reputable safety in Hanoi

To be able to choose effective treatments, you need to choose a reputable safe dental address and must have a good brand. In order to avoid unfortunate complications during treatment, especially for jaw surgery.

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