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What causes leading to early tooth loss?

What causes leading to early tooth loss?

Where does early tooth loss come from? While your daily hygiene is good, does your teeth show no signs of decay? With Dr. Shinbi to find out about this situation in the following article:

The cause of early tooth loss

Quite a lot of people do not know that the cause of early tooth loss is not related to dental hygiene but to gingivitis, gum disease. If this condition is not handled early, it will lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss.

Untreated gingivitis will be more severe, leading to inflammation around the tooth cavity, also known as periodontitis. Periodontal disease not treated promptly inevitably leads to receding gums causing dislocation and wiggling eventually to be removed.

Besides, it can be due to plaque on teeth, tartar, bite, deviated joints or can cause hormonal disorders, women during pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, ..

Some habits can cause early tooth loss
Bite hard objects with your teeth

When you use your teeth to bite, open the bottle or the habit that most people encounter is biting the nail.This is very easy to hurt the incisors in the oral cavity at risk of early tooth loss …. The most obvious potential risk is that the tooth may be chipped, soft tissue damage inside the oral cavity.

Floss with a toothpick

Using toothpicks will make the teeth thin, when eating and eating food will be more likely to get stuck. Because the diameter of the toothpick is usually much larger than the teeth, if the size is too small, the toothpicks are not enough sure it is difficult to put into the teeth.

So instead of using a toothpick, use floss to remove food debris that remains in the teeth and effectively and hygienically prevent premature tooth loss.

Eat foods that are too hot or too cold

Excessive temperature when you use something too hot or too cold will damage the surface of the crown, which leads to cracks on the surface, visible to the naked eye. When not compensated for these lesions lead to tooth enamel wear that makes you feel cold when eating food that is too hot or too cold. Especially, it can damage the marrow and cause infection and swelling of the gums.

Eat, chew ice

Chewing a habit is not a good idea, it seems to be incomparable, but its consequences are not bad if in a long time. The hardness and coldness of ice can lead to broken teeth, tooth enamel damage.

Drink too much soda
Consumption of large amounts of carbonated soft drinks will contribute to the causes of tooth decay. Because the amount of sugar in fresh water is quite high along with some acids that are harmful to teeth, weakening teeth even losing teeth.

How to prevent early tooth loss

  • Dental hygiene after every meal, or 2 times / day in the morning to wake up and before going to bed
  • Use floss to remove leftovers from the teeth
  • Choose toothpaste that contains fluoride and beneficial substances for teeth
  • Choose a soft toothbrush, which can clean both teeth, but the innermost teeth without damaging the gums
  • Limit alcohol and smoking
  • Do not eat foods that are too sweet, soft drinks or sugar before going to bed
  • Use good foods for teeth
  • Visit every 6 months / time to get tartar
  • Do not eat very hot or cold food to avoid damage to enamel and gums …

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