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Why do dental X-rays are required for dental exams?

X-rays for teeth used in dentistry are essential. A scan helps your doctor determine your dental condition and offers the best treatments.

Imaging X-rays for dental examination.

If you only do the usual services such as tartar, whitening … the doctor will usually not require X-rays. However, when treating caries, braces, implant implants, porcelain teeth, cosmetic teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor needs to watch your X-ray film to see the location of the root, diagnose and out More accurate, more effective treatment regimens

In adults, dental X-rays are used to:
Detecting the area of ​​tooth decay that is not visible to the naked eye, especially the small areas of interdental teeth, crowns.
Identify recurrent tooth decay under dental fillings
Look for bone resorption associated with gum disease
Look for changes in bone or root canal due to an infection
Support for preparation of Implant Implants, Orthodontic adjustment by Invisalign transparent troughs, braces, cosmetic teeth, wisdom tooth extractions or other dental procedures.
Look for abscess (infection in root or between teeth and gums)
Look for other abnormalities, such as cysts or some types of cysts
In children, dental X-rays are used to:
Detecting tooth decay
Determine whether there is enough space to accommodate new teeth
Determining if the baby teeth lose out quickly enough to allow proper permanent tooth growth?
Examine the growth of wisdom teeth and determine if they are underground (cannot pass through the gums)
Get an overview of teeth and jaw bone when getting orthodontic treatment.
Are dental X-rays dangerous?

X-rays have the potential to cause radiation exposure, causing serious health effects if exposed over long periods of time. However, in the medical industry in general and dentistry in particular, the amount of X-rays used when taking X-rays is very small and completely controlled. Patients can feel secure when having an X-ray and follow all instructions of the dental radiologist. Pregnant women and young children are protected by devices such as lead shirts and lead devices to minimize radiation exposure.

At Shinbi dentistry, we have a full range of dental X-ray machines such as apical, panoramic film. Especially with CT cone beam film system (X-ray system for 3-dimensional images) aiming to best support the dental treatment for patients.

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